It Is Time To Harness The Culprits

(Sarwar, lahore)

Many of the Patriot Channels keep educating the masses about the corrupt, arrogant, self centered and visionless politicians who are totally indifferent to real betterment of the poor masses. These politicians know only three things: how to remain in power; how to ensure that their next generations sit on the throne and how to grab wealth. All their activities are centeres aroud:
1. Make the simple and poor Pakistanis believe that Democracy (in fact Familycracy) is a MUST
for economic development of the country.
2. If the ruling party is replaced by somebody, all development efforts will be jeopardized seriously
and economic activity comes to stand still.
3. Find ways and means whereby they can bail out their opponents (friendly opposition), Hence
never pose any serious / potent threat to others (Mind you they are all friends to each other). This
point is very simple to comprehend!! Whenever a politician leaves a party, he is always
welcomed by the other party. No party has ever refused the new entrant in her threshold.

The country is passing through a crucial era. The enemies of Pakistan have surrounded us; they are alll out to undo the Islami Jamhooria Pakistan. These enemies have many facets; open and hidden, visible and invisible, internal and external, and even in the garb of friends. They have their sympathisers among the politicians, in govt functionaries, private institutions and in Print / Electronic Media as well. These enemies have ties with the liberals, the secular, the enlightened, the modern elements and pseudo thinkers bent upon fading away the Two Nation Theory and Ideology of Pakistan - basis of the creation of a new State - Pkaistan in 1947, out of the United India.
The most recent example of their dicrete move is passge of the “Election Reforms Bill 2017” wherein leaving aside other amendments, the Declaration (affidavit) about belief in the “Finality of prophet-hood” of Mohammad (peace be upon him) was replaced by simple “Affirmation” and even wording of the text of the form was also changed. And once pointed out by MNA Sh. Rashid, such elements and many others tried their best to relegate Sh. Rashid’s objection to point of “No importance.” Rather Sh Rashid was snubbed and rebuked in the Assembly Hall. It was a matter of real shame that almost all the signatories to the Bill, showed their ignorance about the changes in tne Declaration Form and the reasons for the same. This amply proves that they all are parasites and visit the Parialment either to the previleges they enjoy or to get some favours from Govt Ministers / functionaries. However, smelling danger of public reaction and the wrath from Islam loving elements, they soon realized that they had been swayed away by the hidden enemies of Islam who wanted to make Pakistan a “Secular state.” hence these Parlianmentarians withdrew to the previous position. But the questions arise:
1. What action has been taken against the “Culprits” who maneuvered to get the bill passed?
Has the Minister for Law and Parliament Affairs been brought to task? If so, what type of action
has been taken?
2. What is the fate of the Original Affidavit? Has it been restored through proper legal process?
Any delay will not be tolerated, and will result in unimaginable reaction from the general public.
We should not try to guage pulic pressure!! The tidal wave, if took the momentum, would be
difficult to stop. Wisdom must prevail!!
It is hightime that the Government should take things seriously and avoid undertaking any new venture. We cannot afford to put Pakistan in any crisis – a wish of Anti-Pakistan elements. I am sure sense will prevail on Govt benches!! The sooner, the better.

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