Justice delayed is Justice Denied

(Rabia Waqar, Karachi)

I was passing through the statue of Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto at boat basin today. My son asked me that who is this lady. I tried to explain him that she was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. She was the first Muslim woman head of a democratic state. Then he asked where she is now and why is she not a prime minster any more. For a while, I went to the past. Remembering the day when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. It was a chaos all over the country.

Avoiding meeting his eyes, I told him that she had an accident and died on the spot. Because I know if I have told him that she was assassinated then surely his next question would be what is assassination and why she was assassinated. For that, I have no answer. Unluckily, history of Pakistan is full of assassinations. Started from Liaquat Ali Khan, who was the first Prime Minster of Pakistan and served the nation as a political theorist and a lawyer, this game of assassination has ruined to true essences of politics in Pakistan. He was assassinated in 1951 in Rawalpindi.

A number of times I have thought that why in Pakistan, the lives of people have no value whether it is a common man or a public figure. Accidents and attacks happen all over the world. They are also investigated. But in Pakistan, starting from Liaquat Ali Khan till Benazir Bhutto, the investigations were not justified. By making statues and making speeches can never give justice to them.

It is really sad to know that the all elected prime ministers of Pakistan have never completed their tenures. The assassinations have made the country weaker day by day. That is why we are opened to all enemies. The reports that are made about these assassinations are kept under wraps up till now. Not a single case has been solved. My question here is very simple that why the system or governments are not able to produce the victims in front of the law. Whether it is any political assassination or some religious assassination of Salman Taseer, no one in this country deserves to die from other hands and in such circumstances.

What is needed here is to build a healthy and democratic society that fulfills the basic necessities of the people living in. Assassinations, killings and throwing democratic governments, these all things are weakening the system gradually. The image of Pakistan is becoming worse day by day in the international community. People of Pakistan feel insecure because if the system is not able to secure and then give justice to its leaders, then how come the common man feels safe.

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