CPEC: Reason behind Indian Propaganda

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), initially 46 and now a 62 billion dollar project. The project consists of Building road networks, railways, fiber optic cables, energy pipelines, industrial clusters and special economic zones in Pakistan. China will provide funds as well as technical facilities.

CPEC will connect China and Pakistan to South and Central Asian Countries for trade and travelling while saving time and cost. This facility would equally be available for all South Asian Countries including India. From the first day, India is opposing CPEC project rather than supporting it. The project will bring prosperity, not to Pakistan but for the whole region.

Apparently, according to India, the reason behind the opposition of CPEC is the construction of project in Gilgit Bultistan (former part of Jammu and Kashmir). India considers this area as disputed but in reality this area is a part of Pakistan. Being a part of Pakistan, a prosperous Gilgit Bultistan is need of the hour. Pakistan has complete rights to construct roads and other facilities in this area as well.

India has never accepted Pakistan since independence. It desires to hurt the national interests of Pakistan in every front. India has never supported any project, which may bring stability and prosperity in Pakistan. Irrespective of the regional benefit, India is opposing China, Pakistan friendship as well.

Writing more, According to Modi’s declared Anti-Pakistan policy, India is struggling to isolate Pakistan at regional and international level but Pakistan is connecting to the whole world through CPEC project.

In past, Pakistan was declared among most of the insecure countries. Construction of CPEC and commencement of work in Gwadar Port has made the world to regain trust on Pakistan. Continuation of work in Gwadar port has also proved the ability and professional capability of Security institutions of Pakistan. Hence, the Indian propaganda of declaring Pakistan a terrorist state has been rejected by the world. Indian sponsored terrorism in Baluchistan has also failed to deter Chinese from working on the CPEC, as Pakistan is providing fool proof security to them.

China invited India to join CPEC and get the benefits of the project but India has not left its negative policies and politics. India has started opposing CPEC publically, calling this project as a sovereignty threat to its interest. This propaganda is not only against Pakistan’s interest but against for India’s own interests as well. If India joins CPEC, its trade to South Asian region will be cheaper. India is opposing CPEC for multiple purposes, among which stopping Pakistan to gain economic prosperity. India, through its influence on Afghanistan, also proscribed it to join CPEC. Afghanistan will follow Indian policy regarding CPEC. Hence, India’s negative policies and politics are a hindrance in economic prosperity of the whole region.

Concluding more, despite of Indian negative propaganda and policies against Pakistan, CPEC will be completed the way a part of it (Gwadar Port) started working. Chinese ambassador to Islamabad Lijian Zhao declared “CPEC, as a pilot and major project of BRI (Beiging’s Belt and Road Initiative) is now fastest and most effective among the projects under BRI.” Pakistan will enjoy the benefits which it will bring including prosperity in the country, making it economically a stable state.

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