Role of youth in combating corruption

(AHSAN ALI, lahore)

• Corruption is one of the massive problems confronting Pakistan. It is badly affected the state of economy, quality of standard and social justice available to the people. Corruption has eaten up the innocence of the people belonging to all walks, section and classes in the country.

• In world level, According to Transparency International World corruption report 2011. Pakistan stand 42nd in ranking amongst the most corrupt nation in the world. Since its inception, Pakistan undergoes political instability due to corrupt leadership and dishonest politician. It was due to agility of leaders, the romantic
indextism of its youth and the diversity of its agro-climate condition to defeat all odds. Today we need that kind of spirit in our youth to combat corruption in the country.

• The duty of youth is to challenge corruption. The youth of any nation are its potential energy. They are the ones who are the pride of nation in order to remove all these mal practice and ill deeds from the society , Youth should raise voice against corruption.
Yours Faithfully ,
Ahsan Ali

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