Building paris in pakistan!

(Dr natasha, Ivano frankivsk ukraine)

A city in sindh, place where half the politicians come from, and do we have a road here? Yes we do we have a road and we have a new fly over the rest is let me guess a copy of modern demolished system . Ruined city roads and drainage, no electricity , lawlessness , traffic has no rules and WI is to blame ? People who live here or the officials who rule this place? Universities colleges ample amount of css officers, doctors ,engineers, lawyers all are made here , politicians , feudal system , and go on with the terrorizing cast system, can anyone out there blame anyone else? Let's just face it corruption is at its optimal level , tertiary care is careless because pvt clinics are a very good way of earning , govt education has been made free but still everyone prefers tuitions, exams tests are conducted as a cashing business more one pays better seats they avail . Rise up rural land Pakistan isn't Pakistan without you.

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