The cursed Burma and Kashmiri muslims

(Sidra Khaliq, )

Until last some years violence is observed in Kashmir and Burma on Muslims. no doubt all non Islamic activist are focusing on dividing Muslims and starting disputes between them. infect Indian and Burma government are taking benefit from this critical situation of Muslims all over the world. Their first and foremost purpose is to divide Muslims and role on them. and know they are taking benefit of sorrowful conditions of Muslims of Arab, Iran, Palestine, Burma, and as well as Kashmir. infect according to Quaid e’ Azam ‘s thinking ‘Kashmir is the un complete agenda of territory of Pakistan’. Kashmiri children ,youngsters and women are harvesting the punishment of unknown and un ending harted .The Innocent faces of the children are asking that ‘’for which unseen sins they are punished’’,.Recently, Kashmiri women’s hair cut by by some ambiguous people and according to an estimate they are infect ‘INDIAN FORCES.' Now where the International humanity NGO’S .Are they sleeping or they cannot feel the pain of Muslims. Or they are blind . The same is case with Rhongia Muslims are facing identity problems. Buddhist ,government is denaing their citizenship .

While Bangladesh Government is not allowing them to enter their country Now Muslims are victim of world game which was introduced by British Government on Africa and Sub-continent ;i.e ‘’the COLONIALISM. I remember Holy Quran’s saying that whole world is the ‘TERRITORY OF MUSLIMS’’. Then why these questions of identity are raising/.A Muslim can live in any country of world where he wants. It is sleepy condition of Muslim which is allowing them to raise such questions. Muslims are unaware of their asininities and responsibilities. While Jews ,Hindus and Buddhist are combine to role on us….Ye Muslim you must awake and rise your voice before the world….. Regards;SIDRA ABDUL KHALIQ….

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