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“Cadmium is a very important industrial metal, but exposure to it results in accumulation in the food chain, leading to toxicity in animals and humans,”
Exposure to cadmium can occur due to poor disposal of industrial or electronics waste, and also through cigarette smoke and ingestion of contaminated food. While the toxicity of cadmium has been known for a long time, how it causes toxicity and damages cells hasn’t been understood.
The chemistry of cadmium allows it to bypass the mechanisms that prevent other metals, such as iron and zinc, from freely entering cells. Once inside the cell, cadmium inserts itself into the cell’s metal sensing machinery causing it to malfunction and pump out the wrong metal ions while still bringing in more cadmium. This ultimately leads to death of the cell.
This understanding of how cadmium causes toxicity, at a molecular level, is crucial for developing new strategies for preventing cadmium poisoning.
Considering the modern ubiquity of cadmium — cadmium production has surged 1000-fold since the early 1900s — gaining a better understanding of its toxicity would seem to be expedient. Cadmium is currently used in all manner of electronics, including common forms of energy storage/batteries and First Solar‘s solar panels. Many of these products are improperly disposed of, and end up leaching toxic metals and compounds into the soil and water where they are “disposed” of.
Current estimates are that the “average” human ingests up to 30 micrograms of cadmium a day. This figure is of course higher in the regions where electronic waste is commonly dumped
CADMIUM POISONING Caused by excessive exposure to cadmium No constructive purpose in the human body. Extremely toxic even in low concentrations, and will bioaccumulation in organisms and ecosystems The Mc Donalds Shrek Glasses are contaminated with Cadmium
EXPOSURE SOURCES Tobacco smoke (a one pack a day smoker absorbs roughly 5 to 10 times the amount absorbed from the average daily diet) Tobacco smoke is an important source of cadmium exposure Cadmium a component of chuifong tokwan , sold illegally as a miracle herb in china. Low levels are found in grains, cereals, leafy vegetables, and other basic foodstuffs
Primary effects on lungs & kidneys
Secondary effects on urinary system
Treatment elements like calcium and selenium are shown to have protective effect against cadmium-induced toxicity Adequate levels of zinc in the body helps to displace cadmium from the tissues Potent antioxidants like Vitamin C, E,glutathione, methionine, glycine, cysteine has great protective efficiency.
Smoking should be avoided and do check your house products for compounds which contain cadmium Render gastric lavage or make the infected person vomit within an hour if the person has consumed cadmium salts Chelation therapy

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