Use of Email in Business:Different Perspectives

(Sahir Niazi, Lahore)

Email is known as the most effective mean used for communication by professionals working all over the world. It has proved its worth to all types of businesses. However, every organization has its own perspective of using email. The way professionals in an organization perceive the use of emails is closely related with the culture, ethical environment and strength of systems within the organization. For generalizing we can divide businesses into two types with respect to use of email.

Type 1 are the businesses in which the prime purpose of using emails service is to communicate with fellow professionals within org. , clients, suppliers and associated businesses. Corporate environment of such businesses contains elements of trust, confidence and openness towards communication. Culture of such businesses is found enriched with Ethical values and beliefs. Emails are usually of short description and are less formal. There are not much people taken in loop while communicating through emails by use of CCs on email. Normally such businesses also have an effective grievance redress mechanism in place that is not relying merely on email records to resolve any disputes or complaints.

Type 2 businesses are the business where prime purpose of using email service is not to just communicate but to keep track of activities and record of communications made. Emails are of long descriptions giving unnecessary details about the subject. Usually, many levels of hierarchy are taken in loop while emailing someone. Emails are not informal. Corporate culture of such businesses lacks element of trusts and openness towards communication between different levels of management. Ethical values and beliefs are not rooted in the environment. Employees in such businesses have a sense of insecurity relating to their jobs or responsibility of any error or mismanagement. Grievance resolving mechanism is either ineffective or employees have lack of confidence on such mechanism owing to past history or any other reason.

Keeping in view the era of dynamic changes almost all sectors of industry are going in, organizations need to re assess the way their approach towards use of emails. Businesses need to have a more flexible framework of communication inside the organization creating a more friendly and trustworthy working environment. This is need of the time if businesses are aiming at achieving a positive corporate image in addition to efficiency in operations of organizations.

Professionals working in organizations need to re assess their approach towards use of email as communication channel. More importantly, organizations need to evaluate the effectiveness of this very important communication media used by their employees. An Organization may perceive it as a yardstick for assessing the level of confidence in its employees regarding corporate policies and for improving its corporate culture. By encouraging positive use of email, an organization can promote a culture of confidence, co operation and ethical values. It can avoid downsides of an unethical, insecure and blaming culture.

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