The War to End Of all Wars

(Qurratulain Nasir, )

 The State of Israel, ruled from Jerusalem (because Palestine as a State will not exist then) will be protected from its core with the most sophisticated Israeli defence systems. These defence systems will range from electric fences, to barbed wires, high walls, AI robots, the Iron Dome and David's sling defence system, and even the 'Iron Spade'. Remember that although Israel will try to make these systems as fool proof as possible, every software programmer and technology developer knows that all technology has some weak points which can be targeted to bypass its security systems.

Israel will then create a layer of loyal Jewish guards to protect the surroundings of the Temple Mount where the 'Temple of Solomon' is located (where Masjid al-Aqsa is right now). The wealthy Zionist Jews who helped the State of Israel through financing it will be the closest to the Jewish king al-Dajjal (the AntiChrist). The reason why there is such a strong emphasis on protecting the Jewish people is because the entire legitimacy of the State of Israel depends on the Jewish people. There is no point in al-Dajjal ruling the world from Jerusalem if he has no loyal people to rally around him. He is supposed be the 'saviour' of the Jews, if they die - he has no value.

Israel will not be satisfied with only two layers of defence, so PMC's (Private Military Company) mercenaries will guard the entrances to Israel's major cities, especially Jerusalem.

On the outskirts of existing Israel, there will be tribes of Arabs, including especially Bedouin tribes which will be a buffer zone for Israel. They will be given Israeli citizenship, given certain rights which other Arabs do not have, but they will still be considered 2nd class citizens. They serve Israel's interests by guarding it, by spying on behalf of Israel on the activities of the Muslim Fighter’s, and in return get crumbs from the feet of the Israelis'.

The more Arab tribes Israel can buy as mercenaries to buffer the State of Israel, the better, because Israel will want to make as much lines of defence before the Muslim Fighter’s can reach the 'Temple of Solomon' (which is the core of Jerusalem and the most fortified position in the world where al-Dajjal will live at that time.)

As Israel reaches out to expand into 'a Greater Israel', it will face many difficulties. It will be literally be surrounded by hostile Muslim Fighter’s (Islamic fighters) from all sides to slow down its expansion project.

Israel will release its drones to find and attack the locations of Muslim Fighter’s, who by now will be scattered and its leadership decentralised. Automated Urban tanks and robots will pass through side streets in 'search and destroy missions.' Muslim Fighter’s will fight against them through Rocket fire, traditional weapons like RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades) will still be effective, although they will likely be modified to contain more explosives. However it is probable that Assault rifles like AK-47s etc will be ineffective due to the importance of layers of armour in all future battles.

Elite Israeli Special Forces, most probably PMC's (Private Military Companies) will be sent out to find and kidnap and capture influential leaders of the Jihad so they can interrogate them and get useful Intelligence, such as the locations of other leaders, or the locations of stockpiles of weapons. But this will not be too effective because the entire Jihad is decentralised and leaders themselves will only have limited knowledge of the whereabouts of only some leaders, and some stockpiles of weapons.

The Muslim Fighter’s will make every effort to pass through the different buffer layers of security to reach into Jerusalem with the aim to make a passageway towards the Temple Mount, but it will be extremely difficult. They will be on the offensive and defensive at the same time, fighting machines with AI (Artificial Intelligence) is hard work. But it can be done when you have fighter planes, tanks, alot of advanced weaponry and the desire for martyrdom.

The advantage for the Muslim Fighter’s will be in their ability to travel anywhere in the known world for hiding and attack semi-guerilla warfare. The entire Middle East, Khorasan (Greater Afghanistan), and even Europe will be a playground of war and death. Muslim Fighter’s will therefore have alot of territory to hide, with no borders stopping their freedom of movement. Even the different types of Muslim Fighter’s will excel in all different types of warfare. Muslim Fighter’s from Khorasan (Afghanistan) will have experience in fighting in mountains, Muslim Fighter’s in the Middle East will excel in fighting in desert terrain, Muslim Fighter’s in Europe will have experience in urban warfare from the streets of Europe.

The Muslim Fighter’s will try to reach Jerusalem from every side. The amount of advanced Ghaneemah (spoils of war) they capture after the Armageddon/Malhamah and the liberating of Rome will be huge and sophisticated. It is likely that Israel will sell Europe portable Iron Dome machines when Muslim Fighter’s are firing at Europe from the Muslim world during the Armageddon/Malhamah war in Syria. So when Muslims take over Europe, they will capture the Iron Dome systems, the drones, and whatever modern war machines Israel sells the Europeans. This new stock of weaponry will be used to attack through Israel's different lines of defence.

If the world is shocked at the Islamic State's 'world class expertise' in ground IED's, then wait till they make Drone IED's filled with explosives which will be targeted at strategic Israeli assets.

Future Battles involve hitting strategic places/objects of the enemy = signs of Victory.

The resilient Muslim Fighter’s will be a non-ending force because they will be coming from Israel's North, East, South and West. In the future war, Muslim Fighter’s will approach Israel from direction, from the Air, from the Ground, from the Sea, and even from Underground! And don't be surprised to know there are 1billion+ Muslims in the world today. When Jihad is declared, then it is a duty upon every male, female, and even child to fight the enemy. Israel by now will begin firing indiscriminately, heavy bombardment everywhere. But Muslim Fighter’s will have already prepared defensive positions in the naturally fortified Mountains and hills. Israel will not use nuclear weapons because it hopes to capture these lands to form its 'Greater Israel', and any nuclear attack Israel does will be done reluctantly because its effects will backfire on Israel who actually wants to take over the lands it bombs. So a nuclear attack will cause long term problems (such as health or crop problems) for any potential citizens of the 'Greater Israel' State.

Fire, Bombs and chemicals will reign down on the Muslim Fighter’s day and night non-stop, and whoever is attacked will react differently depending on the type of chemical they were attacked with. A person attacked with a 'love bomb' (containing the chemical: Oxitocin - which releases the love hormone in the blood) may start hugging an enemy, whereas another Mujahid may be burnt to death. Another person may be hit with chemicals which makes his mind go insane and so he turns his gun against a friend, while another is injected with poison from a mosquito sized robot. The world during this time really will be deceptive enchanting and bewitching magic because everything will be abnormal in the End Times.

The world might see the Muslim Fighter’s dying infront of their eyes, some feeling happy, some maybe even feeling sympathetic for them 'wasting their lives away'. However, the Muslim Fighter’s will be the most free and happiest people on Earth in the midst of all this destruction, they will smile at death when seeing their place in Paradise like the Muslim Fighter’s who preceded them in earlier wars (see ebook: Miracles in Syria (2013) for photos and proofs of this.). But the deceptive media during this time will make them look non human. This is all part of al-Dajjal's (the AntiChrist liar) system which is deceiving the masses of people to the core so they cannot see wrong from right.

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