Abusive Meaning in Urdu

Abusive meaning in English to Urdu is منہ چھٹ (Monh chuth). Abusive synonym words are included Insulting, Opprobrious, Scornful, Scurrilous. Similar words of Abusive are also commonly used in daily talk like as Abusively, Abusiveness, and Abusive Language.

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Abusive Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (a.) Wrongly used; perverted; misapplied.
  2. (a.) Given to misusing; also, full of abuses.
  3. (a.) Practicing abuse; prone to ill treat by coarse, insulting words or by other ill usage; as, an abusive author; an abusive fellow.
  4. (a.) Containing abuse, or serving as the instrument of abuse; vituperative; reproachful; scurrilous.
  5. (a.) Tending to deceive; fraudulent; cheating.

Abusive Urdu Meaning with Definition

Abusive meaning in Urdu - Abusive meaning in Urdu is Gali Galoch. However, In English, it is utilized for several purposes such as it can be termed as extremely insulting and offensive. Another meaning is characterised by or engaging in cruelty and habitual violence. It also means involving illegality and injustice.

Use of Abusive in a Sentence

1. She became abusive and violent.

2. John was living in an abusive relationship.

3. He grew up in an abusive environment.

4. Use of abusive language is prohibited anywhere.

5. His abusive behavior became a reason for his job termination.

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