Perception Meaning in Urdu

The meaning of Perception in Urdu is "شعور" as written in Urdu script, or "Shaoor" as written in Roman Urdu. Other possible Urdu translations for Perception include "Shaoor". You can find more definitions and synonyms of Perception on this page.

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Perception Synonyms
Perception Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) The quality, state, or capability, of being affected by something external; sensation; sensibility.
  2. (n.) An idea; a notion.
  3. (n.) The act of perceiving; cognizance by the senses or intellect; apperhension by the bodily organs, or by the mind, of what is presented to them; discernment; apperhension; cognition.
  4. (n.) The faculty of perceiving; the faculty, or peculiar part, of mans constitution by which he has knowledge through the medium or instrumentality of the bodily organs; the act of apperhending material objects or qualities through the senses; -- distinguished from conception.

Perception Urdu Meaning with Definition

Perception meaning in Urdu is خیال. It is an English language word that is derived from late Middle English: from Latin perceptio(n- ), from the verb percipere ‘seize, understand’ (see perceive). Its use as the ability to see, hears, or become aware of something through the senses. Perception meaning in Urdu has been explained here along with different meanings. This word is used for Perception is the sensory experience of the world.

It involves both recognizing environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli. To some extent, this word is well defined here in English and Urdu both. Visitors can also listen to the accurate pronunciation of the word Perception.

Q1) What does it mean Perception in Urdu?

"Perception" meaning in Urdu is شعور Shaoor.

Q2) Can Perception be used formal?

Yes, Perception can be used in formal Urdu. It is a versatile word that can be used in both formal and informal contexts.

Q3) Are there any other translations of Perception in Urdu?

Yes, other translations of Perception in Urdu include شعور Shaoor, طرز فکر Tarz E Fikr, and سمجھ Samagh.

Q4) What are Perception synonyms?

Some synonyms for Perception include: Percept, Sensing.

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