Shaoor Meaning in English

The word "Shaoor" in English means "Perception" and in Urdu script, it is written as "شعور". Similar words to shaoor are commonly used in daily conversations, such as Jo nasha peda karti hain, Vasa shaoor, Fauq shaori, and Shaoor maholiyaat. The synonym for shaoor is " Percept and Sensing".

Decorums شعور
Perceptiveness شعور
Cognize ادراک کرنا
Consciousness Expanding شعور کی وسعت
Ingeniousness ہوشمندی
Perceptiveness شعور
Perceptiveness, Perceptivity ادراکیت
Psychedelec , Psychodelic شعور کا
Perception Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) The quality, state, or capability, of being affected by something external; sensation; sensibility.
  2. (n.) An idea; a notion.
  3. (n.) The act of perceiving; cognizance by the senses or intellect; apperhension by the bodily organs, or by the mind, of what is presented to them; discernment; apperhension; cognition.
  4. (n.) The faculty of perceiving; the faculty, or peculiar part, of mans constitution by which he has knowledge through the medium or instrumentality of the bodily organs; the act of apperhending material objects or qualities through the senses; -- distinguished from conception.

Shaoor in English

Shaoor is a roman term that finds extensive usage in various sentences and different contexts. In English, the shaoor is referred to as "Perception" and it is driven by the English language. This page provides a comprehensive description of shaoor meaning in English and Urdu both, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about the term.

However, finding the exact meaning of any word online can be a little tricky, especially since each word may have more than one meaning. Nevertheless, the definition of shaoor stated above is reliable and authentic, making it a valuable resource for those who seek to learn more about the term. Moreover, this page offers shaoor word synonyms, which can help further enhance the understanding of the term.

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