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Stalk meaning in English to Urdu is تنے (Tanay). Stalk synonym words are included Chaff, Haunt, Husk, Shuck, Stalking, Stem, Straw, Stubble. Similar words of Stalk are also commonly used in daily talk like as Stalk, Stalkers, and Stalking.

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Stalk Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) The act or process of stalking.
  2. (n.) An iron bar with projections inserted in a core to strengthen it; a core arbor.
  3. (n.) The petiole, pedicel, or peduncle, of a plant.
  4. (n.) The narrow basal portion of the abdomen of a hymenopterous insect.
  5. (n.) A stem or peduncle, as of certain barnacles and crinoids.
  6. (v. i.) To walk slowly and cautiously; to walk in a stealthy, noiseless manner; -- sometimes used with a reflexive pronoun.
  7. (n.) The stem or main axis of a plant; as, a stalk of wheat, rye, or oats; the stalks of maize or hemp.
  8. (n.) An ornament in the Corinthian capital resembling the stalk of a plant, from which the volutes and helices spring.
  9. (n.) One of the two upright pieces of a ladder.
  10. (v. t.) To approach under cover of a screen, or by stealth, for the purpose of killing, as game.
  11. (n.) A high, proud, stately step or walk.
  12. (v. i.) To walk behind something as a screen, for the purpose of approaching game; to proceed under clover.
  13. (n.) That which resembes the stalk of a plant, as the stem of a quill.
  14. (v. i.) To walk with high and proud steps; usually implying the affectation of dignity, and indicating dislike. The word is used, however, especially by the poets, to express dignity of step.
  15. (n.) The peduncle of the eyes of decapod crustaceans.

Stalk Urdu Meaning with Definition

Stalk Meaning in English

In Biology:

(n.) The slender attachment or support of a leaf, flower, or fruit.

In Motoring:

(n.) (In a vehicle) A lever on the steering column controlling the indicators, lights, etc.

In Hunting:

(v.) Pursue or approach stealthily.

Definition of word Stalk

Stalking is the act of following someone or something very closely and watching its every move.

Stalk somebody to illegally follow and watch someone over a long period of time, in a way that is annoying or frightening. (Oxford Advanced American Dictionary)

Usage of word Stalk

• The act of stalking

• A stalking gait

Rhyming Words

• Talk

• Balk

• Calk

• Chalk

• Dork

• Gawk

• Cork

• Fork


• Chase

• Hunt

• Capture

• Drag

• Net

• Snare

• Trap

• Pursue

• Run

• Trail


• Sneak

• Crawl

• Grovel

• Creep

Usage of word Stalk in a sentence

• The lion was stalking a Zebra. He stalked his victim as she walked home, before attacking and robbing her.

• The actress stalked out of a press conference when asked if she had a weight problem.

• The farmer's field was full of empty corn stalks now that the season had ended.

• The gunmen stalked the building, looking for victims.

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