Chicken Manchurian Recipe By Shireen Anwer

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Chicken Manchurian Recipe is the most popular and all time favorite dishes from the Chinese cuisine. It is usually served along with Chinese Chicken Fried rice as a regular Read More

Chicken Manchurian Recipe is the most popular and all time favorite dishes from the Chinese cuisine. It is usually served along with Chinese Chicken Fried rice as a regular meal. It is a famous Indo- Chinese dish. For making Chicken Manchurian recipe you require boneless chicken, white pepper, salt, corn flour, soya sauce, garlic, tomato sauce, chili sauce, zeera, sugar, oil, green onions. Healthy ingredients give your Chicken Manchurian recipe a perfect delicious taste. You can prepare it along with other Chinese dishes. This Chicken Manchurian recipe by Shireen Anwer is highly loved by Pakistanis. You can find this dish in the menu card of every Chinese restaurant. Those who want to try it at home can access this recipe from our page. You can consider it for making it for the Dawat or even for casual lunch or dinner. Kfoods giving a Chicken Manchurian with step by step photo recipe When Taken When very Less was cooked Chicken Manchurian is a well known starter ingredients, which is savored by individuals of all age gatherings. Chicken Manchurian unsurpassed most loved Chinese recipe can be presented with Fried Rice, Pan Fried Noodles, Hakka Noodles. No big surprise India has its own adaptation Chinese, which is famously known as Desi dish. Be that as it may, Manchurian is a conventional dish, which can be set up at home in a straightforward manner by following some basic advances given underneath. You can change the flavors according to your taste inclination and add your own flavor to this conventional recipe. Hide


Murgi ki Botiyaan (bagiar haddi) adha kg

Pisi hoi safiad Mirch 1 khanay ka chamcha

Corn Flour (pani main ghula hoa) 4 chamchay

Murgi ki yakhni 1 piyaali

Lehsan chop ki hoi 1 khanay ka chamcha

Soya Sauce 1 khanay ka chamcha

Tomato Ketchup Adhi piyali

Chili Sauce 2 khanay k chamchay

Safaid Zeezra 2 khanay k chamchay

Chini 1 khanay ka chamcha

Namak 1 chahye ka chamcha

Oil ¼ piyali + 1 khanay ka chamcha + Talny k liye

Hari Piyaz k pattay Sajanay k liye (bareek katy hoye)


Murgi ki botiyon per safiad mirch, anday ki safaidi, adha corn folur, ek khanay ka chamcha oil aur namak laga kar adhay ghanty k liye rakh dain. Karhai main tail garam karain aur murgi ki botiyaan sunehri tal kar nikal lain. Sauce Pan main ¼ piyali garam kar k lehsan talain. Is main sirka , cheeni, soya sauce, ketchup, chili sauce, murgi aur yakhni shamil kar k josh anay tak pakain. Is main chamcha chalaty hoye ahista ahista baqi corn flour shamil kar dain aur garha honay per dish main nikal lain. Mazedar Manchurian hari piyaz sy saja kar paish karain.

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I did not have an idea that how to prepare Chicken Manchurian. This recipe just solved my problem.
By: Farhana, Form: karachi, on 17 Sep, 2020
Making the Chicken Manchurian recipe is not so easy to make in home because it is totally different from the other gravy recipes like korma, karahi.
By: naima, Form: khi, on 07 Jun, 2020
I considered making chicken manchurian troublesome previously yet not presently. I can make it effectively , I would likewise purchase the wooden cooking plate in which manchurian is served. I am searching for increasingly Chinese recipes and expectation they would taste at their best.
By: Sadia, Form: Sahiwal, on 15 May, 2020
Please correct the method its not sirka its zeera
By: Bushra, Form: Vancouver, on 20 Apr, 2020
Tried your recipe. Taste was fantastic, but I could not get the red colour why please advise . The colour was more of yellowish. I am making mistake somewhere in the recipe.
By: Akhtar Munir Marwat , Form: Islamabad , on 03 Apr, 2020
The recipe is so delicious dish and I like this so much and makes with lots of spicy and now i easily make this dish.. This recipe is so easy to make it at home. I try many recipes and found this recipe is quite helpful. Some people eat with Naan or Roti but it is delicious to eat with Rice..
By: alishba, Form: lahore, on 20 Jan, 2020
Tried your recipe . proved amazing
By: Anjum, Form: Islamabad, on 15 Jan, 2020
It is so delicious and tasty dish . it is mostly with with rice but some people eat with normally like Naan or Roti and this especially like to eat with rice
By: shahida, Form: islamabad, on 08 Jan, 2020
I mostly eat Manchurian in restaurants and never try this recipe at home. This recipe looks easy to me i definetly try this recipe and share result here hope it will goes well :)
By: Muna, Form: Lahore, on 11 Dec, 2019
White Zeera helps to enhance the taste of Chicken Manchurian, I think this is the main ingredient to develop the perfect taste of it.
By: Aleena, Form: khi, on 18 Oct, 2019