Chicken Masala Biryani Recipe

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Submited by ~sani~ from Karachi

Chicken Masala Biryani – Tasty and healthy Chicken Masala Biryani recipe is available online. Note down the ingredients and method to prepare to make it at home. You can ser Read More

Chicken Masala Biryani – Tasty and healthy Chicken Masala Biryani recipe is available online. Note down the ingredients and method to prepare to make it at home. You can serve it as a full course meal at lunch or dinner for family or friends. Hide


1)Rice 1kg

2)Chicken 1kg

3)Onion 12small (cut finly)

4)Ginger garlic paste 10tbsp

5)Red chilli powder 2tsp

6)Gram masala pwd 1tsp

7)Pounded chilli 1tsp

8)Black peper pwd 1/2tsp

9)Turmeric pwd 1tsp

10)Coriander pwd 5tbspfull

11)Salt to taste

12)Bay leaves 2

13)Cummin seed 1tsp

14)Nutmeg & mace pwd 1/2tsp

15)Badyan pwd 1/2tsp

16)yogurt 1/2 pao

17)Tomatoes 6large

18)Prunello (aalobukhara) 7,8

19)Oil 1cup

20)Condiments:2green cardamom,2brown cardamom3 cloves,3black pepper,2cinnamon stick

21)essence 1drop


Green chillies 5,6 (cut vertically)

Mint leaves a bunch

Lemon 1 (Slices)

Yellow food colour 1/2tsp in each layer


1.Soak rice for 20 mins.
2.Heat oil fry onion untill they are golden brown take out and spread on paper after gets crispy, grind them.
3.Add ginger garlic paste fry min 20mins or smell remove properly,add all condiments add chicken fry a while add fried onion,yogurt,tomatoes,prunello cook till chicken tender properly now add badyan pwd,nutmeg & mace pwd essence rmove from stove.
4. LAYERS: Boil rice in a large vessel add a few mint leaves,whole condiments and 1 lemon's juice.
5. When rice half-done throw water .
6. Divide rice & chicken into three parts, Now in another large vessel spread one layer of rice ,on layer spread one part of chicken,sprink food colour ,mint leaves,green chillies,lemon slices do same twice more and on lower blaze steam rice for 20 mins.
7. Serve hot with raita and salad.

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Last month I got this masala biryani recipe in this site which I tried and made superb, after that I have prepare it three times because my husband and my whole family like the taste of it, it is very delicious.
By: sonam, Form: khi, on 17 Sep, 2015
All the members in my home appreciate me when I make masalay dar biryani, it is good in the taste as well easy to make but I am using the same quantity of all the ingredients which I see in this recipe.
By: anila, Form: khi, on 16 Sep, 2015
Which kind of rice is suitable for making chicken biryani, many chefs use sela rice in the hotel but the smell of sela rice is not much good and it is also harmful for the digestive system, I want to make it.
By: daania, Form: khi, on 08 Sep, 2015
Chicken Masala Biryani is a common dish in Pakistan, but too much masala is not good for health.
By: Sana, Form: Karachi, on 03 Sep, 2015
When I spread a layer of the rice in the centre and over it give a lovely smell but I fell that the other rice which I separately boiled was broken due to the steam of it so how can I do to get rid of it?
By: ubah, Form: khi, on 02 Sep, 2015
Chicken Masala Biryani is easy to make in home if you do not know how to make chicken Biryani masla than try this recipe.
By: Afifa, Form: Karachi, on 27 Aug, 2015
Last time i forget to put aloo bukhara in this chicken biryani which is quietly effect the taste of it.
By: sakeen, Form: khi, on 31 Mar, 2015
I only feel hesitate to use the quantity of the ingredients, this is a special part which some times enhance the taste but some times not.
By: zuleikha, Form: khi, on 20 Mar, 2015
The uses of too much garam masala spoil the taste of it, in this recipe i feel that all the ingredients are much in quantity.
By: sana, Form: khi, on 04 Mar, 2015
I am learning the whole recipes in which this biryani recipe is also include because this is a very beautiful presentation.
By: abida, Form: khi, on 21 Feb, 2015