Chicken Nihari Recipe Chef Zakir

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Chicken Nihari is a typical and most popular Pakistan recipe served at every dinner, lunch, or wedding function. It is a mild flavored thick curry made with Desi Masala ingredients Read More

Chicken Nihari is a typical and most popular Pakistan recipe served at every dinner, lunch, or wedding function. It is a mild flavored thick curry made with Desi Masala ingredients. Wheat flour is used to get the perfect thickness of Nihari. Chef Zakir is a renowned name in the culinary industry with some amazing recipes on his disposal. Make Chicken Nihari recipe from the expertise of Chef Zakir to get the perfect taste and aroma on your dining table. This Chicken Nihari recipe can be garnished with ginger slices and served with fried onions, lemon, green chilies, and Naan. Many local restaurants and highway restaurants are serving Nihari all over Pakistan. Chicken Nihari can be a perfect main course meal on your Eid table. Hide


• 1 kg whole chicken

• 2 onions [slice]

• 1 cup whole wheat flour

• 3tsbp ginger, garlic paste

• 2tbsp sounf

• 2tbsp sonth

• 1tbsp garam masala powder

• 3tbsp red chili powder

• salt

• 1 cup ghee


1. Place sonf and sonth on mulmul cloth and tie this like a potli.
2. Cut chicken in 8-10 pieces. Use chicken with bones.
3. Heat up ghee and fry onion….on soften onion, include chicken…increase flame and mix….cook till chicken color lil change… place potli in chicken and cook more till
4. Water of chicken dry.
5. In one cup of water include ginger, garlic paste…mix….include in chicken with salt..mix well.
6. When its starts boiling include red chili powder and cook well until water of ginger, garlic paste dry. Slow flame.
7. The onion will mix in gravy then add water how much you want its broth. Ideally 2 glass of water. Check salt on this point…cover and increase flame.
8. Mix lal aata in 1 cup of water….include paste in gravy slowly to thick it. Don’t add all paste at once. It’s up to you how much thick gravy you want. Mix on high flame.
9. Mix garam masala in ¼ cup of water and include it in thick gravy…mix and cover.
10. Keep it on dum for 2-3 minutes. (don’t cook after adding garam masala just keep on dum)
11. For an excellent result. Off the flame after dum and leave it 3-4 hours(don’t uncover it).
12. Take out chicken and ghee which is on top from gravy.
13. Separately heat up gravy before serving.
14. Place chicken in a serving dish, pour hot gravy and ghee on top, garnish with ginger slice and serve.

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Finally i achieved the taste of beef nehari with chicken. Thanks for this amazing recipe, the nehari was scrumptious with great taste. I didn't know chicken nehari can also taste so good. Chef zakir's recipe is truly great!
By: Dania, Form: Karachi, on 10 May, 2021
I am a big fan of Chef Zakir. His Chicken Nihari recipe is just awesome to prepare, serve, and eat.
By: Aiza, Form: Lahore, on 17 Sep, 2020
Well, this way of making Chicken Nihari is looking very lengthy but I am noting the every step with full of concentration because my husband love to eat chicken nihari.
By: dua, Form: khi, on 06 Jun, 2020
This recipe for making Chicken Nihari is so simple that a working woman like me can simply manage time to make them. Thanks for sharing such an easy recipe.
By: Aman ausaf, Form: Lahore, on 14 May, 2020
this is a unique and delicious Chicken Nihari recipe. Yesterday i was making this Chicken Nihari .. thanks hamariweb
By: Javeria, Form: Karachi, on 22 Apr, 2020
It is so amazing recipe and it is my favorite dish also. They provide us the easy method for making it deliciously at home
By: shahzaib, Form: lahore, on 08 Jan, 2020
Here that we easily get note that form here by the easy method and lots of testy ingredients
By: Maham, Form: lahore, on 27 Dec, 2019
Chef Zakir's recipes are delicious in the taste and easy to make because he clears all the steps of preparation. This time I am trying to make Chicken Nihari recipe.
By: kashmala, Form: khi, on 19 Oct, 2019
I have noted this whole recipe of chicken nihari that I will must make it at home to mine child because this is very good for them health
By: fakhra, Form: hydrabad, on 29 Jul, 2019
Thank u chif Zakir
By: Sonia, Form: Karachi, on 02 Jun, 2019