Chicken Pakora Recipe

Chicken Pakora is a crispy, spicy and delicious snack that belongs to the traditional Pakora family. For making Chicken Pakora Recipe you require boneless chicken pieces, ground cumin, salt, oil, green chilies, lemon juice, vinegar, ginger-garlic, curd, and onion. Chicken pieces are marinated in these spices. These ingredients are perfect to give this Chicken Pakora recipe a crispy delicious taste. Crunchy and delicious Chicken Pakora recipe is a perfect and unique addition to Iftar menu. This snack is popular in Pakistan, especially among children who like to eat their mom’s handmade Chicken Pakora. This snack can be made with different variations. Chicken Pakora Recipe tastes divine when served hot with Green chutney or tomato sauce.

Chicken Pakora Recipe

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Saad Mehmood from Islamabad
  1. Boneless Chicken Pieces........ 500 gm
  2. Oil........2 tbsp
  3. Ground Cumin.........1 tsp
  4. Salt......1 1/2 tsp
  5. Chopped Green Chillies (Jalapeno).........1-2 each
  6. Chopped Onion.......1
  7. Ginger-Garlic paste......1 tsp
  8. Vinegar.........2 tsp
  9. Curd........1 cup
  10. Lemon juice........1 tsp
  • * Put everything but chicken and batter in blender and blend till fine.
  • * Marinate the chicken pcs with the resulting mixture.
  • * Keep in the fridge for 40 minutes.
  • * Put chicken in batter.
  • * Deep fry it until its colour changes to golden brown Condiments.
  • * Serve the chicken pakora with coriander or mint chutney or tomato ketchup.
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  • Sun 02 Jun, 2019

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  • noor, jehlum
  • Sat 27 Apr, 2019

This chicken pakora has the best recipe ever who mine whole family really like to eta that that’s why I can make it usually with the lots of spice and delicious ingredients

  • HAYA, lahore
  • Fri 12 Apr, 2019

Chicken pakora its favorite and nice made easy to make really awesome very good recipe

  • Rabiya, Karachi
  • Mon 18 Feb, 2019

Chiken pakora is very nice it is best ramdan i am try again in next ramzan

  • Yamna, Rawalpindi
  • Wed 23 Jan, 2019

Nice good recipe it is better a chicken nuggets it is very tasty i am eating a with spicy chattni Wow nice recipe thanks

  • Rabiya, Lahore
  • Tue 15 Jan, 2019

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