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You can make the lamb chops moghal style with the very easy method of making with the step by step way which is really helpful I got
By: reema, Form: multan, on 13 Aug, 2019
The kfc Arabian rice has very unique taste that we easily make that now I like very much. I cooked this last thursday and love the taste, it is very soft , Its really easy to cook this homemade.I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.
By: fariha , Form: islamabad, on 25 Sep, 2018
I cooked this last Saturday (Murghi Pulao) and love the taste.I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy. (Murghi Pulao) Recipe makes with the lots of spice and the many more masala that mine whole family eat and was like to Chicken Pulao and also appreciating me.
By: Saima, Form: lahore, on 24 Sep, 2018
My family friends are invited for dinner on the upcoming weekend. I was thinking to prepare some unique and delicious dishes apart from the traditional ones. I just checked out this chicken pulao murghi pulao online while making the menu.
By: Daima, Form: Sahiwal, on 01 Aug, 2018
Make this dish with this amazing method of making the dish and has the really good taste what many people love
By: Adila, Form: Karachi, on 26 Feb, 2018
As a result of the Good taste of the Murghi Pulao I want to come here in light of the fact that I got this delicious formula from this site and this is so extraordinary for me.
By: Shaista, Form: Gujrat, on 18 Feb, 2018
This chicken pulao murgha pulao is the delicious dish ever that mine whole family really like to eat that and this is the easiest recipe who will easily follow that
By: sofia, Form: Karachi, on 31 Jan, 2018
Make the Chicken Murghi Pulao with this amazing recipe what you definitely need for making home I prefer this to all of you because I have tried this
By: Mahira, Form: Karachi, on 16 Nov, 2017
I didn’t know the way that how to cook harissa then I read this recipe or murgha pulao recipe on your website and tried it. It was astonishingly very appealing in taste.
By: Laila, Form: Kaduana, on 26 Aug, 2017
This Recipe is available at this site I can easily make it now just because of this is the most easier way to make this delicious dish
By: Aleena, Form: Karaci, on 13 May, 2017

Indian Foods

Indian Food Recipes - The delicious and mouth watering cuisine of India has magic topped on the spiciest food one can ever experience in the world. All over Asia, India is recognized for its high flavor and lustrous, tasty meals which contain high nutrition and loads of health benefits. Like Mughlai cuisine or Karachi Cuisine, rich meat meals with spices and different flavors top the list of most famous Indian food recipe in Urdu and English. From an early age, India is best recognized for its creative and high nutrition meal consumption in the sub continent. Their cooking ethic has extended to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal as well. Cuisines of these countries have each other’s flavor, culture and recipes mixed with their own, delivering luscious and finger-licking range of meal prepped. Indian women have a lot of potential in their hands and the taste they are able to cook following the traditional cooking recipes are just mind blowing.

The spices and ingredients Indian natives use in their Indian khaney are found to be healthiest, many to be cancer fighting like haldi and known to be the cure of numerous illnesses by doctors. These ingredients are used on daily basis and if the diet of Indian food recipes is taken properly, their natives might enjoy long and illness-free span of lives, this much are their foods, healthy. Coming back to the taste Indian recipes have in store to offer us, Masala dosa, Daal Makhni, Handi, Biryani, Tandoori, Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Makai ki Rooti, Paneer Saag and most favorite, simplest, healthiest and common throughout India and even in Pakistan , the “Daal Chaval” are the heroic examples when talk is about food victory in complete cuisine. All of these dishes are meat based which are added in spice and multiple herbs, cooked and prepped in water and through many different & traditional ways. Even the food is regularly served following specific guidelines. Indians who are vegetarians have different set of recipes. Indian Cooking recipes focuses on taste and health delivery via their food so even those who don’t consume meat at all experience some of the healthiest and spiciest food of all time in their majestic homeland’s cuisine.

Indian food recipes are also heavily influenced by religion, in particular Hindu, cultural choices and traditions. The cuisine is also influenced by centuries of Islamic rule, particularly the Mughal rule. Samosas and pilafs can be regarded as examples. The Indian food recipes and cuisine are divided into many parts, many many parts actually. Each region in India contain their own way of cooking, prepping, decorating and serving meals. Some Indians eat on fresh Banana peels which are cleaned and can be disposed of after use. Some eat on leaves and some Indians only prefer plates and modern culinary while Rajasthani way of serving on silver plates vary differently. There is definitely no limit to taste and category range in Indian Cuisine. Travelers from far and wide visit India for it remarkable cuisine experience and do not leave loving it. Their drinks are even home made. Most popular Indian drinks are Lassi, Chai (tea), Coffee, Beer, Badami doodh (almond milk) etc. Indian Teas have several kinds best example among them is Kashmiri chai or Darjeeling chai. Following the craze and obsession for Indian Cuisine, HamariWeb has successfully attempted to update this page for you with popular Indian food recipes in Urdu and English. All food recipes which are used in India are added here so you can easily scroll through the cooking recipes of Indian foods recipes and treat yourself with their finger licking, mind blowing and yummiest taste range. From drinks to desserts especially of Indian kheer, HamariWeb will guide you step by step how to make the delicious foods at home and enjoy your regular meals incredibly adding to happiness and your excitement. Aside Love, food is the answer to everything and even if not, Asians who are absolute food lovers believe so!

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