Lauki Aur Keema Recipe

Lauki Aur Keema Recipe – Juicy and delicious Lauki Aur Keema Recipe recipe is available for the online users. You can access the Lauki Aur Keema Recipe recipe with all the relevant ingredients and method. Follow the recipe step by step to get the accurate results.


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  1. Keema half kilo Loki half kilo (cut in very small pieces and boil it) Two medium onions one tsp salt one tsp kuti lal mirch haldi one tsp kali mirch one tsp One tsp garlic ginger paste Ginger one inch piece Safed Zeera one tsp tomatoes four cut in square pieces 5 green chillies cut lengthwise Hara dhania and podina (little bit) Oil half cup
  • Put one onion and meat together and boil them.Let the water dry. Then heat oil and put in the rest of the onion and fry it till transparent. Next put in haldi, ginger and garlic paste, pisi lal mirch and bhuno it. Then put in the loki and bhuno it for few minutes. Then put in the keema and bhuno it for five minutes. Now put in the tomatoes and salt mixing it for two minutes. In the end put black pepper, bhuna safed zeera and ginger. After two minutes put hara dhania,podina and green chillies and put on dum till done.
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