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Spice bag ingredients?
By: Qurat sohail khan, Form: Karachi, on 24 Apr, 2020
Ketchup is my favorite to eat and I love it in all the forms. But this one is really amazing and outclass. I really love the masala you have added in it. Thank you ^_^
By: doha, Form: Quetta, on 02 Apr, 2018
this is just same. Tomato ketchup is easy to make still I cannot make the national ketchup taste at home. Oh, I wish I could make it.
By: Nida, Form: faislabad, on 29 Mar, 2018
tomato ketchup is one of the recipes that are used daily. Easy to make for everytime use. Chef zakir’s recipes hold a different tastes we all love to have.
By: Ayesha, Form: Sahiwal, on 21 Mar, 2018
Available many recipes for making tomato ketchup with many ways so I don’t think so you will stop eating home made tomato ketchup after getting these recipes
By: Yameen, Form: Toronto, on 18 Mar, 2018
Kya koi btaye ga k ye Spice bag kya hota ha plz
By: Wali, Form: Faisalabad , on 09 Mar, 2018
This is so easy and good recipe who the peoples like to eat that in the majority that everyone like to eat that with the many dish so now we easily make this tomato catchup at home
By: meesha, Form: lahore, on 03 Mar, 2018
Make the Tomato Ketchup by the Chef Zakir which has the really good information and the ultimate taste what we exactly need to making in home
By: Ammad, Form: Karachi, on 06 Feb, 2018
Now I will make the tomato catchup at home by the following this recipe who mentioned the whole recipe who help us to make it at home with the simple ingredients
By: eeman, Form: Karachi, on 05 Dec, 2017
wow, this is easy, so now for lasagna I can make whole lot of ketchup at home. This is quite easy I did not know about this recipe before.
By: deeba, Form: khi, on 06 Nov, 2017

Kids and Baby Food

Baby Food Recipes in Urdu - Babies aged between 1 to 8 have the most fragile age and health. Their diet needs to ba cautiously healthy and clean. However young children and even babies enjoy eating delicious, yummy and flavorful food. Mothers keep on focusing more to feed their children with the healthy, nutritious and right food, while babies refuse to take in the boring food. The struggle to find good recipes especially Baby Food Recipes in Urdu is quite challenging.

Though it is evident that kids and baby food should be enriched with vitamins and proteins to ensure healthy life but adding a little bit of creativity to make them cheer up shall never go ignored. Keeping the thought in mind, HamariWeb has dedicated this entire page to provide you the light, healthy, creative and baby-friendly food which your kids are going to love eating. Baby Food Recipes in Urdu on this page will guide you step by step on how to make These recipes are easy to make and can definitely treat your baby’s taste bud well. Kids and Baby Food recipes made from chocolate, milk, yogurt, eggs and bread are considered to be healthy and tasty.

Kids and Baby Food recipes are quite east easy to make and very different than normal foods. On this page of HamariWeb we have listed some easiest, healthiest and best recipes available for you to feed your little babies. These foods are not restricted to babies and children only as their creative taste might just attract you a lot too. Such baby food recipes which you need to try making at home will help your baby to grow stronger.

Find full food recipes for kids to help them grow healthy weight and nutrition. Explore the recipes here and you may even find some yummy cookies recipes for your kids and juice recipes for babies. Consider adding some dairy products in the baby food so it might help the kiddo get stronger bones and body. Learn how to make Chocolate and Banana Shake, get Custard Recipe and Chocolate Brownies. Find relevant Baby Food Recipes in Urdu on this page.

For more recipes and details, explore the page out. You will find easy, tasty and quickly makeable baby food recipes in Urdu and English on this page of