Lebanoni Kabab Recipe

Make the mouth watering Lebanoni Kabab anytime at home. You can make it for special occasions for the guests. Find the relevant ingredients and method to prepare it online posted on this page. Your suggestions are welcome.


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kiran from Lahore
  1. Minced Beef/ Mutton 1 kg (Cleared)
  2. Medium Onions 3
  3. Tomatoes 3
  4. Milled Ginger Garlic 1 tsp
  5. Chopped Black Pepper 1 tsp
  6. Bread Crumbs 1 packet
  7. Oil For Fry as per need
  8. Potatoes 2 (Boiled)
  9. Macaronis 1 cup (Boiled)
  10. Peas 1 cup (Boiled)
  11. Green Chili 6-8
  12. Egg 2 (Beaten)
  13. Salt as per taste
  • Put minced meat in coking bowl with ginger, garlic, onions and salt and boil in its own water on light flame.
  • When water gets dry mix with tomatoes, green chili, peas, macaronis and chop in chopper.
  • When all are chopped, add black pepper in it and make roll shape of it.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan, put eggs on kababs then bread crumbs and deep fry on light flame.
  • When it turns golden brown take it out and place over a paper so oil can be absorbed.
Reviews & Discussions

Cooking on Eid is fun if you know less time consuming recipes. I have shortlisted this Lebanoni Kabab recipe as a part of my Eid day menu. I hope it turns out well and my family likes it.

  • Babr, Hyderabad
  • Wed 31 Aug, 2016