Mughlai food has its roots from Medieval India. Popular in South Asian subcontinent, Mughlai food recipes vary from spicy to mild with a distinctive aroma that is a symbol o... ...Read more

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Mughlai Qorma Recipe...
The mughlai qorma recipe here is the best. I remember how my mom used to cook it and after she passed away i tried so many others but non were like my moms. This one reminds me of my mom
Haris - Karachi 10/3/2018 12:55:06 PM
Mughlai Qorma Recipe...
This is snice dish of mughlia qorma that has the quite different taste than another simple qorma that’s why I will be make that at home by this recipe
harib - islamabad 6/4/2018 1:48:08 PM
Mughlai Qorma Recipe...
It is very yummy and delicious dish. Keep on sharing such kind of different and easy recipes so that I can make my in laws happy and satisfied. Thank you very much.
Wajdan - Jalalpur 5/5/2018 11:01:13 AM
Mughlai Qorma Recipe...
This Mughlai Qorma dish is looking new the Qorma recipes because I never seen this dish on any restaurant before so I would like to try it
Rameen - Karachi 5/14/2017 6:06:08 AM
Shahi Egg Rolls
Shahi Egg Rolls is my Husband's most favorite dish, I want to give him surprise for making Shahi Egg Rolls with my hands on his birthday for that I am taking help with the recipes page of HamariWeb and learn the method of preparation, I hope that I will success.
Faiza - Karachi 3/2/2017 6:28:53 AM
Brain Curry
My family is a huge fan of desi food and that encouraged me to try new recipes every now and then. I just checked out this Brain Curry recipe online while making the menu of upcoming dinner party. It looks different from others.
Imran - Lahore 2/2/2017 5:46:34 AM
Kheema Pullao
I am totally nil in cooking. I am all the time dependent on new recipes that I search online. I am so glad to figure out this Kheema Pullao recipe. I always want to make it but did not know how to. Now I certainly can! Thanks a ton for sharing.
Bab - Quetta 8/31/2016 12:58:57 AM
Tomato Curry
I am given the task to prepare two to three dishes for my in laws who are invited on lunch tomorrow. I have decided to make two recipes thought by my mother and this Tomato Curry recipe too that I just checked out at our page.
Bab - Multan 8/31/2016 12:58:57 AM
Nutty Mutton
I am supposed to cook dinner for the guests coming at our place tonight. I am running short of ideas therefore, I choose to check out recipes online and my struggle did not go in vein. I just found this Nutty Mutton recipe on this website. This will be included in my menu for sure.
Baasima - Islamabad 8/31/2016 12:58:57 AM
Shahzada Curry
Cooking healthy and tasty dishes is no more a problem. One can easily access several recipes online on the internet. Just like that I discovered this yummy Shahzada Curry recipe that seems so easy to make.
Baasim - Lahore 8/31/2016 12:58:57 AM

Mughlai food has its roots from Medieval India. Popular in South Asian subcontinent, Mughlai food recipes vary from spicy to mild with a distinctive aroma that is a symbol of Mughal culture. This page contains the collection of various Mughlai recipes in Urdu that includes Shahi Murgh Korma, Biryani, Meat Durbari, Nihari, Paya, Nargisi Koftas, Shami Kebab, Reshmi Kebab, to name a few. No dinner or Dawat is complete until you decorate your dining table with any of these popular Mughlai dishes. You can check out Mughlai recipes from your favorite chefs and cooking experts online from this page. Browse through and treat your taste buds with yummy Mughlai recipes.