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Mughlai cuisine based on the culture of the medieval period of the Mughal Empire on the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The taste and flavor of Mughlai cuisine have great aroma because of its use of unique spices that make it tangy and attractive for other people. Mostly Mughlai cuisine has traditional dishes like biryani, Murgh Musallam, Malai Kofta, and many other prominent dishes of the Mughal period. So Hamariweb provides you an opportunity to learn all the Mughlai recipes at your place easily through our page. At our page, you can effortlessly search and learn all the Mughlai recipes in English and Urdu.

The Mughlai recipes are a bit time consuming and involved several ingredients. That’s why every element and steps are mentions at every Mughlai recipe, so those who want to cook the Mughlai recipe can prepare the Mughlai cuisines from recipes at Hamariweb. Mughlai recipes are abundant and savory, so it has the quality to lighten up your table on any occasion or event.

The section of Mughlai recipes in Hamariweb includes the method of Haleem, Keema Kaleji, Mughlai Korma, Mughlai mutton, Peshawari Biryani, Seekh Kabab, Nawabi Samose, Zarda, Fish Kofta Curry, Dalcha and many other recipes added. All the Mughlai recipes are available in English and Urdu. No dinner or Dawat is complete until you decorate your dining table with any of these popular Mughlai dishes. You can check out Mughlai recipes from your favorite chefs and cooking experts online from this page. Browse through and treat your taste buds with yummy Mughlai recipes.

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What a great thing it could be if you have a yummy plate of Murgh Cholay Recipe with Roti it in front of you! shukriya bht bht aapka aapne bht asaan recipe bata di.

  • amna, Sahiwal
  • Thu 28 May, 2020

Make the murgh musallam which is we want and here we can see the best listed recipes which is we need for making weekend better

  • naeem, islamabad
  • Fri 23 Aug, 2019

Make the murgh musallam which is we want and here we can see the best listed recipes which is we need for making weekend better

  • sayqa, lahore
  • Fri 23 Aug, 2019

Make the amla murrabba with the help of this complete recipe of making the tasty murabba in the short time with the some ingredients we would definitely like to afford at home

  • uzair, karachi
  • Mon 12 Aug, 2019

Mughlai qorma made is nice very awsome recipe i am try second time

  • Tooba, Faislabad
  • Fri 25 Jan, 2019