Mutton Chaap Recipe By Sanjeev Kapoor

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Mutton Chaanp recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor – Mutton Chaanp is traditional Pakistani dish that is prepared with mutton chops along with ingredients like yogurt, onion, turmeric p Read More

Mutton Chaanp recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor – Mutton Chaanp is traditional Pakistani dish that is prepared with mutton chops along with ingredients like yogurt, onion, turmeric powder, salt, red chili powder, lemon juice, garam masala powder, ginger/ garlic, green chilies, and fresh coriander. Mutton Chaanp masala is prepared first and mutton chops are cooked with it to give it a perfect taste. This Mutton Chaanp recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor is taken from the expertise of popular Indian chef and depicts his versatile style of cooking. You can find this recipe online and follow the method step by step to get the accurate taste. Mutton Chaanp can be served with Chutney or sauce. You can prepare this special Mutton Chaanp recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor for family dinners. Hide


Mutton chops

1/2 kilograms

Turmeric powder

1 teaspoon


3 tablespoons


to taste


2 tablespoons

Onions sliced

4 medium

Red chilli powder

2 teaspoons

Lemon juice

1 tablespoon

Garam masala powder

1 teaspoon

For masala


1 tablespoon

Onion chopped

1 medium

Ginger chopped

1 inch piece


12 cloves

Green chillies halved


Fresh coriander leaves chopped

1/4 cup


Step 1
Clean and wash the mutton chops thoroughly.
Step 2
Wipe dry with a kitchen towel and flatten slightly with the blunt edge of a knife.
Step 3
Add the turmeric powder, yogurt and salt and marinate for one hour, preferably in a refrigerator.
Step 4
For the masala, heat one tablespoon of oil in a small pan and sauté all the ingredients for two to three minutes. Grind to a fine paste.
Step 5
Heat two tablespoons of oil in a pressure cooker.Add the onions and sauté till light pink.
Step 6
Add the ground masala and saute for two to three minutes.Add the mutton chops and chilli powder and continue to sauté till the masala
Step 7
clings to the chops and the oil separates.Stir one cup of water into the pan and add salt to taste.
Step 8
Cover the cooker and cook over medium heat till pressure is released five times (five whistles).
Step 9
Remove from heat and let the pressure reduce.Remove the lid and simmer till almost all the gravy dries up.
Step 10
Sprinkle lemon juice and garam masala powder over the chops and serve hot.

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Sanjeev Kapoor is an indian chef and I live in Pakistan all recipes are easy but the ingredients which he used in his recipes are not easily available in Pakistan.
By: rahat, Form: sahiwal, on 14 May, 2019
can anyone help me and tell me what’s wrong with my mutton recipe. I tried this recipe many times but always mutton is not cooked well.
By: feroz, Form: pathakot, on 11 May, 2019
Mutton chaap recipe so nice it is tasty i like mutton meat it is good made
By: Shabana, Form: Lahore, on 30 Jan, 2019
Mutton Chaap Recipe is the most favorite food I always love to eat its unique taste that we easily make that now and love this taste,Its really easy to cook this homemade. I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.
By: jannat, Form: islamabad, on 25 Sep, 2018
Today I decided to make mutton chaap this is why i am here to get idea of the recipe by reading about it from different websites. Your recipe is quite easy and seems tasty.
By: ayesha, Form: Narowal, on 15 Jul, 2018
Mutton Biryani is one the famous demand for from every Family Member so if you know that how to make it so this is definitely great to you
By: Hania, Form: karachi, on 08 May, 2018
Sanjeev Kapoor you are best chef, I really like your recipes, I will cook Lahori Chargha Recipe by Shireen Anwar today, thanks for providing this delicious recipe.
By: Kaleem, Form: Karachi, on 18 Apr, 2018
I love to eat spicy food and you have made this Mutton chaap exactly according my kind of taste. Amazingly superb and tasty. Thanks a lot for making me able to make shahi Haleem.
By: zeenia, Form: Lahore, on 02 Apr, 2018
For the lunch yesterday, I cooked mutton chaap and I feel so glad to tell you that it was awesome in taste. Everybody at my home liked it very much.
By: falak, Form: lhr, on 14 Oct, 2017
The pictures you share with every step is truly a nice and innovative technique to learn cooking. Thank you so much for this easy recipe of mutton chaap. It is really very much helpful.
By: rubi, Form: islamabad, on 05 Oct, 2017