Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan Recipe

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Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan is a Pakistani dessert prepared with Desi ingredients including vermicelli, milk, cardamom, pure ghee, Khoya, sugar, mixed chopped dry fruits, and water. Ei Read More

Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan is a Pakistani dessert prepared with Desi ingredients including vermicelli, milk, cardamom, pure ghee, Khoya, sugar, mixed chopped dry fruits, and water. Eid ul Fitr is approaching. Decorate your Eid table with some delicious and traditional desserts like Meethi Seviyan. It is our tradition to prepare Meethi Seviyan on Eid. It is easy to make and delicious treat to serve your guests. It is a perfect dessert delight that can be prepared to grace the occasions like Eid or any family gathering. Some of the popular vermicelli recipes include namkeen seviyan, gurh wali seviyan, doodh wali seviyan, and seviyan without milk. Hide


Sewaiyan 1⁄2 Kilogram (vermicelli)

Khoya 1⁄2 Kilogram (made from milk)

Sugar 900 Gram

Cardamoms 25 , powdered

Milk 300 Gram (1 Glass)

Pure ghee 250 Gram

Mix chopped dry fruit 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)

Water 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), 1 1/2 glass - to prepare sugar syrup /chashni


First heat ghee in a pan add crushed sewainyan ( varmicelies) in it and fry it low flame, after few minutes add chopped dry fruits in it and fry it more minutes
Remove pan from flame.
Now Khoya sorte in low flame for few minutes in another pan and add in the sewaiyan.
Prepare sugar syrup ( add water in sugar and cook it) in another pan.
Now add milk in fried sewaiyan and put it on low flame for 5-7 min.
And the end add sugar syrup in sewainyan and keep it low flame 5-7 min.
Now the dish is ready,serve it garnish with chopped dry fruit & Warq ( beaten foil).

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This muzaffar meethi seviyan is the favorite sweet dish of mine child that I can make that usually at home without get any trouble
By: zara, Form: multan, on 23 Apr, 2018
It’s really delicious recipe of chicken white karahi who makes with full of milk which makes the lots of sweetness and more delicious of this recipe
By: areej, Form: lahore, on 22 May, 2017
This Eid ul Fitr make Muzzafar Meethi Seviyan at home with the assistance of this recipe posted here online. Loved the way you guys have been posting the recipe about Muzzafar Meethi Seviyan. I can learn from it for sure.
By: Nazia, Form: Karachi, on 01 Jul, 2016
This seviyan recipe is so easy i will try this recipe on eid 1st day. I hope it will be good in taste and family love it. I try different recipes to make saviyan for good taste.
By: Mariyam, Form: Karachi, on 28 Jun, 2016
I although make Seviyan in the traditional style but never tried this Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan. Let me make it at home following this recipe. I am sure it will be a treat to have guys! Be happy and glad to access it.
By: Nadira, Form: Hyderabad, on 24 Jun, 2016
Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan recipe is unique and people loves to have all sort of Desi desserts. I want to try making all sort of meeti recipes including this one. Love to try new recipes every time. Thanks.
By: Akbar, Form: Karachi, on 20 Jun, 2016
Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan is a perfect dessert recipe that can be served after the Iftar dinner to your guests. I am sure they will love it to the core. Will make it from the recipe posted here.
By: Raheela, Form: Karachi, on 10 Jun, 2016
My mother was searching for some unique recipes apart from usual ones. I have asked her to try this Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan and share her experience. I am sure she will love it. Thanks for sharing it here.
By: Hanna, Form: khi, on 03 Jun, 2016
Thanks for sharing recipe for this tricky dessert. just wanted to mention that the name is Muzaafir and not Muzaffar :)
By: Kulsoom, Form: Karachi, on 19 May, 2016
Many times I tried this recipe of Muzaffar Meethi Sevaiyan but couldn’t success to make like in this photo. I don’t know what mistake I make while preparing of this sweet dish.
By: tahmina, Form: khi, on 17 May, 2016