Shahi Koftay Recipe

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farha from karachi
  1. Minced meat(finely chopped)___ 1 kg
  2. Red chili___ 9 nos
  3. Roasted grams___ small quantity
  4. Gralic___ 2 bundle
  5. White cumin___ 50 grams
  6. Crushed seasoning___ 3 tola
  7. Green coriander___ small quantity
  8. Ghee___ 375 grams
  9. Onion___ 2 bundles
  10. Ginger___ 1 small bundle
  11. Tomato___ 2 nos
  12. Crushed coriander___ 2 pinch
  13. Poppy seed___ 1 tola
  14. Green chili___ small quantity
  15. Yoghurt___250 grams
  • Chop minced meat finely on the slab.
  • Then add half onion, half ginger, grams and finely chopped the poppy dees, coriander and green chili.
  • Now prepare small balls of this mixture.
  • Then fry ghee into frying pan and fry balls in it one by one.
  • Now fry the remaining half things into ghee.
  • After that prepare gravy of these remaining ingredients.
  • Add fried balls into this gravy.
  • When the gravy water becomes dry remove it from the fire after adding optimum quantity of gravy in it.
  • Sprinkle crushed seasoning on it and cover the boiler. Uncover it after few minutes now shahi kooftay are ready.
Reviews & Discussions

All the ingredients which I see in the recipe I used same when I made it in the home but you know I am not success to make the color like in this image.

  • shagufta, khi
  • Thu 18 Jun, 2015