Sheer Khurma Recipe in Urdu

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Sheer Khurma means milk with dates. It is a dessert prepared with vermicelli, whole milk, sugar, dates as basic ingredients. Sheer Khurma is a specialty of Herat, Afghani Read More

Sheer Khurma means milk with dates. It is a dessert prepared with vermicelli, whole milk, sugar, dates as basic ingredients. Sheer Khurma is a specialty of Herat, Afghanistan. It is the most prominent dish of Eid ul Fitr. It is a festival dish that is usually prepared on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. Sheer Khurma is popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It is a special dessert for celebration popular in the Muslim culture. It is prepared and served on the morning of Eid. Hide


شير خرما

چھوہارے---------- آدھا پائو

کھوپرا---------- آدھا پائو

کشمش---------- ايک چھٹانک

چھوٹي الائچي---------- چھ عدد

پستہ---------- پچاس گرام

سوياں---------- ايک پائو

دودھ---------- ايک کلو

شکر---------- حسب ذائقہ

لونگ---------- دو عدد

بادام---------- پچاس گرام

گھي---------- حسب ضرورت


سويوں کو ابال کر اس ميں تھوڑا سا گھي ملا کر الگ رکھ ديں اور چھوہارے باريک کاٹ ليں۔ بادام اور پستے بھي کاٹ ليں، اب حسب منشاء گھي لے کر اس ميں لونگ اور الائچي کے دانے ملا کر ہلکي آنچ پر سرخ کر ليں، اس کے بعد ابلتے ہوئے دودھ ميں کٹا ہوا سارا ميوہ ملا ديں پھر تھوڑي دير تک پکائيں، پھر اتار کر ابلي ہوئي سوياں اس میں ملا ديں، اور حسب ذائقہ شکر ملا کر آنچ ديں، اتنا پکائيں کہ سوياں اور دودھ يک جان ہو جائيں اور گاڑھا پن آجائے، اپني مرضي کے مطابق جتنا گاڑھا کرنا چائيں کر لیں، مزيدار شير خرما تيار ہے۔

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Sheer Khurma is the best dish for making with the sweet side since it has the finger licking taste with the most outstanding method for making it
By: Hifza, Form: Karachi, on 04 May, 2020
This is so common dish of sheer khurma who the many peoples like that to eating with the delicious taste so now we easily make that by this method
By: resham, Form: faislabad, on 14 Jul, 2019
Sheer khurma is nice tasty sweet dish it is my favorite so lovely
By: Yamna, Form: Lahore, on 30 Jan, 2019
Sheer Khurma , that is rich and absolutely delicious. is one of the lovely sweet Dish I have tried and after tasting it's really unique taste and make at home at last monday.I want make my family and that make it so good and delicious taste as everyone like to eat.
By: Mariam, Form: lahore, on 24 Sep, 2018
I think it’s a good way to make healthy and delicious, both at the same time, for my children. I will surely try and will let you know about the taste of sheer khurma later.
By: Elaf, Form: Narowal, on 29 Jul, 2018
I got this recipe of making the Sheet Khurma which has the amazing taste and the better way to make it with the proper way we would love to eat
By: Kabeer, Form: multan, on 11 Jul, 2018
This is the perfect recipe of making the Sheer Khurma with the step by step complete me which is literally expected to see from here we need
By: Nahia, Form: karachi, on 08 May, 2018
This is so common dish who the everyone make that at Eid and it makes with the lots of sweet ingredients and delicious taste
By: amna, Form: Karachi, on 23 Apr, 2018
Sheer khurma is really very difficult to cook but you have given literally a very easy recipe to make sheer khurma. Thank you for this. I will try this on the upcominf dinner arranged at my home.
By: jamila, Form: pindi, on 05 Oct, 2017
Sheer khurma is a well-known recipe to be served after lunch as a sweet dish as its taste is really exceptional and flabbergasted. I hope that this recipe would have a great taste.
By: pinki, Form: sialkot, on 03 Oct, 2017