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25 Feb, 2017 Gold Rate in islamabad Today - provides live international gold rates (24K / Ounce: ) and it’s converted price (Rs. 50,156.87 in rupees with different carats such as; 24K/Tola, 24K/10gm, 22K/Tola and 22K/10 gm Gold rates daily.

Gold Rates

International Gold Rates
Gold 24K / Ounce
24 Feb, 2017 08:12:39
Pakistan Gold Rates  (Converted from International Rate)
Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs.43,047.12
Gold 24K per Tola Rs.50,156.87
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs.39,459.86
Gold 22K per Tola Rs.45,977.13
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Pakistan Gold Rates (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association)
 [Gold 24K per 10 Grams] Rs. 43,628.00
 [Gold 24K per Tola] Rs. 50,900.00
 [Gold 22K per 10 Grams] Rs. 39,992.00
 [Gold 22K per Tola] Rs. 46,658.33
 [Silver per 10 Grams] Rs. 660.00
Last Updated: Thursday 23,Feb,2017 (Source:Karachi Saraf)
Gold Rate Updates Daily After 4 PM PST (Mon - Fri)

Other Cities, Gold and Silver Rates in Pakistan

City Gold Silver
  24K 10 Grams 24K Per Tola 22K 10 Grams  10 Grams
Karachi Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Hyderabad Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Lahore Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Multan Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Islamabad Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Faisalabad Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Rawalpindi Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Quetta Rs. 43,628.00 Rs. 50,900.00 Rs. 39,992.00 Rs. 660.00
Last Updated: Thursday 23,Feb,2017 (Source: Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association)

Comments on Gold Rates in islamabad

gold rates in all Pakistan are very high. Everyone cannot buy easily gold in islambad is also rates are high because it is a big city.
faris Thu 23 Feb, 2017

This webpage made very easy for me to get the official result about the gold rates available in the Islamabad city officially
Anwar Wed 22 Feb, 2017

This is the brilliant site to check the online gold rates that gives the authentic information becomes than the another site
farhat Tue 21 Feb, 2017

I have listen from my friends that gold rates are decreasing now a days and now by visitiing this site I update my self I can easily deal in market with gold smith.
ejaz Mon 20 Feb, 2017

Now I am going to the shop to get some bars of gold because I save mine money in the face of gold who can help me in every good and bad time
sanobar Thu 16 Feb, 2017

This page of Gold rates is very helpful especially for those who concern about this business on daly basis. We also deal with branded or local Gold for that ups and downs in rates are really matter for that I always prefer this source.
Ehtisham Thu 09 Feb, 2017

For the Authentic gold rates this page is very nice because it gives me the authentic information about the gold rates every time I want
Azhar Wed 08 Feb, 2017

On it you can also be able to view the daily gold and silver rates along with the price in their smaller units.
fateen Wed 08 Feb, 2017

I am a gold seller and I also used this page for gold rates because on this page all cities gold rates are available.
farooq Mon 06 Feb, 2017

You should take the every information about gold and silver latest rates and no dough that they all are the authentic and has the correct information
sabeen Fri 03 Feb, 2017

islambad is a big and beautiful city of Pakistan .in this city price of all things are too much high and gold rates are also high.
zafran Thu 02 Feb, 2017

Before some days I bought a gold bar from a shop and now when I am sailing that so that’s price is getting much down because that’s shop keeper sold me the cheap quality gold
hameed Tue 31 Jan, 2017

Last Saturday I bought a 24K Gold watch from a jewelry shop for my husband. Its weight is approximately 10 gram that’s why it is expensive but I am happy because my husband like it.
rahat Mon 30 Jan, 2017

International market of Gold is also effect to Gold market in Pakistan that is why we note the fluctuation of Gold rates in Pakistan. May be it takes long duration to decrease the graph of gold.
zia Fri 27 Jan, 2017

Actually the rates of Gold is depend on international gold market and the rates of Dollar that is why it is increasing more and more daily. The graph will decrease again when the rates of Dollar is decrease.
Jabbar Thu 26 Jan, 2017

I still wetting to down the gold rates of mine city of Islamabad for buy the gold bars because I save mine money in the gold and this is the best way to savings
narmeen Wed 25 Jan, 2017

This site of hamariweb help me in everywhere when I go to any city of Pakistan so I use this site for knowing there latest gold rates
sooha Tue 24 Jan, 2017

This page shows the rates of 22K and 24K Gold rates which I check on daily basis. Actually I invest much amount in Gold and I am waiting for right time to sell it on profit.
Pakeeza Mon 23 Jan, 2017

May be the gold rates in international market will increase more in the end of january. It also effect on Pakistan that is why I decide to purchase gold set for my daughter's wedding in February.
Zafar Sat 21 Jan, 2017

Due to the high rates of 24K Gold in market I decide to make a gold set in 22K gold, I think it’s a right idea because the gold rates are quiet increase on daily basis, hope that it gives me some profit.
kamran Wed 18 Jan, 2017

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