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Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw Results 2017 - The next prize bond of Rs. 40,000/- will be announced on 1st March on Wednesday, and prize bond held at Karachi city. Find 40000 PrizeBond Draw List of 2017 and yearly schedule list on this page. The prize bonds are issued in a sequence, where each series Read More

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Comments on Prize Bond Draw Results

For the recent result of the prize bonds result this webpage is really helpful for me because it gives me the authentic result of the winning prize bonds
Ebad Wed 22 Feb, 2017

To get the authentic results of the every lucky draws to must check that from here who provides the latest list what you want
humna Tue 21 Feb, 2017

I have two pair of Rs. 40000 Rs prize bond on same serial which I am keeping for a long time. I always check the result on this page but I don’t know when I will win the prize.
yusuf Mon 20 Feb, 2017

I am feeling very happy to check out mine prize bond result on this site who won of 40000 draw and I checked its result from this site
nayma Thu 16 Feb, 2017

Allah ka yahan dair ha andhair nahi
Mehmoodkhan Thu 16 Feb, 2017

I have both Rs. 40000 prize bond that is why I am anxiously waiting for the upcoming draw but I am little bit hesitate to check the bond numbers on this format, can you please give me the example to search safely?
Farrukh Thu 09 Feb, 2017

Prize Bond's Scheme is the only lawful source for poor and middle class people investment opportunities to become rich overnight and making their dreams come true Prize bond offers investment options 
akram Wed 08 Feb, 2017

The result of the 4000 prize bonds is available at this page so this is very nice for me that I can easily take my result of the price bond at this place
Irshad Wed 08 Feb, 2017

ALLAH jo chahta hai wo he hota hai
M Wed 08 Feb, 2017

Mery bond kb nekly ga
Ali Tue 07 Feb, 2017

The good result are available at this webpage for the 40000 prize bonds you can easily get the results of the many other prize bonds at this page
Rehmat Mon 06 Feb, 2017

The best page which can be provide the best authentic prize bonds results of all time that what we want to see after every month
Taha Fri 03 Feb, 2017

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Nabeel Wed 01 Feb, 2017

Guys I am all happy to announce that I have won the 40000 lucky draw result and I can’t tell you how much excited I am after checking out the lucky draw results.
rashid Tue 31 Jan, 2017

I never forget the day when I won the prize first time in prize bond. In 2013, I was succeed to won the third prize in the draw of Rs. 40000 prize bond. This winning was really important for me to purchase motorcycle.
noman Mon 30 Jan, 2017

No doubt the winning amount of Rs. 40000 prize bond draw is quite handsome but the chances of winning is very low, I have a pair of Rs. 40000 prize bond for a long time but I couldn’t win yet.
naveed Fri 27 Jan, 2017

Its my burning desire to win a large amount in Rs. 40000 prize bond for that I have ten prize bonds of the same value which I am keeping for a year but still waiting for my turn.
Idrees Thu 26 Jan, 2017

I am checking the value of the minimum prize in the draw of Rs. 40000 prize bond and decide to invest some amounts in prize bond scheme because this policy is able to trust.
zain Wed 25 Jan, 2017

I decide to purchase Rs. 40000 prize bond because the amount of the minimum prize is quite huge, in which I can easily fulfill all my burning desire, I will definitely buy three to four prize bonds.
shahrukh Tue 24 Jan, 2017

My father purchase various different prize bonds of different values when he was retired, he was lucky because he won the third prize in the draw of Rs. 40000 prize bond in 2009.
naveed Mon 23 Jan, 2017

I just have one prize bond of Rs. 40000 prize bond which I decide to sell or exchange because I want to invest the same amount in Rs. 100 and Rs. 200 prize bonds.
hussain Sat 21 Jan, 2017

In the last lucky draw of Rs. 40000 prize bond my elder brother was succeed to won the prize. He is such a lucky person, he fulfilled all his wishes with the help of winning amount.
jibran Fri 20 Jan, 2017

I have a pair prize bond of Rs. 40000 Pkr of same number which I am keeping for a long duration. I couldn’t win the prize that is why I decide to exchange it with Rs. 200 prize bonds.
tariq Wed 18 Jan, 2017

I won mine Rs.40000 prize bond before some days and now I have the lot of quantity of the other prize bonds and I am wetting to win it now
aneesa Tue 17 Jan, 2017

Now we don’t have the difficulty to find the results of our bonds because this site has many bonds results available which we need
abiha Mon 16 Jan, 2017

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arzoo Sun 15 Jan, 2017

I have five prize bonds of this 40000 draws and I search that results by this site daily to winning mine bonds and increase your money
nazmeen Thu 12 Jan, 2017

The price bonds of the 40000 is just the wastage of the money so I refer you guys don’t spend your money on these type of price bonds
Ahmed Thu 12 Jan, 2017

I have two prize bonds of 40000 draws and the one I was won that before some days from the high amount of lucky draw
raveena Thu 12 Jan, 2017

Whenever I want to know mine prize bonds results so I use this site to searching that because this is the only site who show me mine very prize bonds results
aleeza Thu 12 Jan, 2017

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Areeb Sun 08 Jan, 2017

Prize Bond Draw Results 2017 is certainly the best thing I can ask for! Thanks for making it possible for me. I am sure that the information mentioned on this page is up to the standards.
Ismail Thu 05 Jan, 2017

 Find the latest Prize Bonds Draw Results and complete schedule of all 32 Draws taking place in major cities throughout the year 2017.
fawad Wed 04 Jan, 2017

Rs. 40000 prize bond draw is also coming soon. I invest a large amount of my saving in this prize bond because look at the third prize, if I win the third prize I can easily fulfill my all the wishes.
jaffar Tue 03 Jan, 2017

I am new in the prize bond business for that Initially I purchase a pair of Rs. 40000 prize bond and waiting for the draw date on the month of March, let see what happen.
dilawar Mon 02 Jan, 2017

I have succeed in this bond of 40000 before some days ago and I found that result by this site because this is the authentic site who gives me mine every result
layba Sat 31 Dec, 2016

Masha Allah I am success to win the prize two times in different draws. Now I am waiting for the first draw of Rs. 40000 prize bond in 2017 because I have three to four prize bonds of the same prize.
Hajira Sat 31 Dec, 2016

The result of the 40000 bonds available at this page it was irritating to buy the chart every time when the result announcement come so finally I got the page which show me the price bonds result
Noman Fri 30 Dec, 2016

I have only 2 prize bonds of 40000 rupees which I am keeping since 2010 with the hope that one day the luck would favour me although the probablity in statistical terms is 0.0000....??? perent. Now, coming to this this website, surely its very useful , just on one can get the results. Arshad
Muhammad Arshad Wed 28 Dec, 2016

Before some days I won mine one prize bond who was the 200 and when I saw that’s number on this site so I felt really very happy to see that
maham Wed 28 Dec, 2016

I have some this 40000 price bonds and before I have very difficult to knowing the result of that which is very difficult to knowing on the other site
reshma Tue 27 Dec, 2016

I have only a pair of Rs. 40000 prize bond which I am keeping for a year. In every draw of Rs. 40000 prize bonds I just I browse this web page to check the complete draw list but I never success to win.
Yasir Tue 27 Dec, 2016

In 2013, I won the second prize in the draw of Rs. 40000 prize bond draw. It was a memorable day for me because at that time I was not a rich person but with the help of this amount I was started a business.
kamran Sun 25 Dec, 2016

Big investors invest in huge amounts and buy more prize bonds; therefore their probability of winning prize money is greater than the individual who buys a single prize bond.
kashaf Thu 22 Dec, 2016

this is very easy to check prize bond schedual and lists of prize bond.because provide all information about prize bonds.
nagmana Wed 21 Dec, 2016

Please send me the next lucky draw date of prize bond Rs.40000 and 25000. And draw schedule which will be held every month i will wait the reply Thank you
Ubaid Sun 18 Dec, 2016

I still remember the moment when I won the prize in the draw of Rs. 40000 prize bonds. It was a memorable day and this winning amount was also important for me to complete my education.
ibtihaj Sat 17 Dec, 2016

one years i was all draws
sakhi zada Fri 16 Dec, 2016

Five years ago I was succeed to won the third prize in the draw of Rs. 40000 prize bonds, with the help of winning amount I fulfill my all the wishes and also purchased some more prize bonds.
kashan Thu 15 Dec, 2016

perfect and prompt results
yaqub Wed 14 Dec, 2016

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