Petroleum Prices in Pakistan

11 Feb, 2016 , Petrol Prices in Pakistan 2016 – Due to the early major fluctuation in international oil market effects directly to the petroleum products prices in Pakistan as well. The summaries of petroleum products are proposed by the Oil & Regularity Authority of Pakistan (OGRA) to Ministry of Petroleum at the end of the month to decide new revised prices of petroleum products for the next month. You can find the current petroleum prices in Pakistan as the update takes place for the petroleum products every month by the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

Find fuel prices of HOBC, premium/petrol, HSD-high speed diesel prices, LSD-light speed diesel and Kerosene Oil prices in Pakistan. The projected fuel prices by OGRA are merely based on international market of Oil & gas and its current fluctuating position. The price of the petroleum influences Pakistan's economy and it directly affects the general public.
Retail Price
     Rs. 75.66 /Ltr
Premium   Rs. 71.25 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel   Rs. 75.79 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel   Rs. 39.94 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil   Rs. 43.25 /Ltr

Comments on Petroleum Prices

general prices se b sawat Mai 4 rupay ziyada se lye jati hai.
NIAZ Muhammad Khan Sun 07 Feb, 2016

petrol ki kya price ha
waqar Sat 06 Feb, 2016

people garreb nahe sab hum pakistani loog bewaqouf hain sasta ho yan mehnga kisi ko farq nhe parta.......govt sasta nhe karti tu farq nhe parta kisi ko b in ko gasset kar sarkoun par lana chaiiye magar humaray mulk men awam mein koi unity nhe hai....k ekthay ho k apna haq k liye niklnay...mgr kisi aik k aisa krnay say kuch nhe ho ga...hum sab k apnay rolay he nhe muktay...
waseem Fri 05 Feb, 2016

Petrol ki price Rs.50 /Ltr hona chahey .
Bilal Bashir Fri 05 Feb, 2016

Petrol price
Naveed Tue 02 Feb, 2016

Aesay corupt hukmaran hamari hi kotahiyon ki waja se hum per musallat kar diay gaye hain. Kyun k majmoi tor per hum log corupt hain. Allah hamaray gunah mauf farmay or in zalim hukmaron se hamay nijat dilaye. Ameen
Zia Mehmood Mon 01 Feb, 2016

All feul prices must decrease 15 to 20 rupees per liter.
Sardar Ziafat Hussain Sun 31 Jan, 2016

There is no excuse in cutting down Oil prices perhaps Government is not interested to give this relief to the nation. So need to wait for another month for hoping the best.
Hassan Fri 29 Jan, 2016

This time some better rates
mian yasir Thu 28 Jan, 2016

no chance this is Pakistan Dear
shahid Thu 28 Jan, 2016

Atleast price Rs.52.00 tak honi chai hai, people gareeb hai Prime minister Sb
imran Wed 27 Jan, 2016

Please control the oil prices in pak pet 50 prl des 40 prl
Rehman hse officer Wed 27 Jan, 2016

just 50 rupees bht awaam gareeb hai miya sb awam ka khayal karo
Naeem malik Sun 24 Jan, 2016

just 50 rupees bht awaam gareeb hai miya sb awam ka khayal karo
Naeem malik Sun 24 Jan, 2016

Premium should be 65/liter. According to international market decreases rates.
Faheem Mushtaq Sat 23 Jan, 2016

Price of oil is roughly around Rs 16 higher per litre than it should be. However, global prices have fallen dramatically and quite quickly so people should always anticipate a lag in price drop. I dont know which deluded world people live in that they expect the government to immediately factor in the decline. Also, I dont know why people in the UK are comparing themselves to locals. You guys sitting over there do pay high taxes but then are compensated with benefits and services that Pakistan will not see even in the next 10 years. Regardless of how much your government spends on healthcare you still cry about NHS reforms and not having enough nurses in each clinic. We have bigger problems here and these are exacerbated by wrongdoings of the govt which is the reason why people express their frustration on these forums. try not to be so closed minded and ignorant-- @Bilal
Laman Riaz Tue 19 Jan, 2016

All tix pepal show
lalchand Thu 14 Jan, 2016

Correcting Sajjad here, it's 1 US liquid Barrel equals to 158.98 liters (42 Gallons). and conclusively we are purchasing crude oil @ of around 20 Pakistani rupee per Litre. :) and the property taxes we dont bother to pay are being compensated by applying more than 200 percent of extra charges (including freight, refining and sales tax).even after application of these mandatory/indirect cost, it should cost us around 35 rupees per litre at Max. so the good news is, we are being charged more than double right now :D Bilawjah :P Pliticians are Sample piece of majority of population, dont blame them.
Adeel Thu 14 Jan, 2016

Pakis always crying like a diaper kid no matter what they get . fucking assholes
Bilal Wed 13 Jan, 2016

1 US liquid barrel = 119.2405 liters,/ dollar$ in Pak rupees 104.91 x 31.55 Us $ per liquid barrel = 3309.9105 Pak rupees Per barrel,/ 3309.9105 / 119.2405 Liters = 27.758274244 Pak rupees per liter. now add 175 % tax (Freight or cleaning charges), what ever you called, in this Pak rupees price = 76.3352525 Per liter in Pakistan right now. Tax indirect diya bhi tu kya diya.
Sajjad Tue 12 Jan, 2016

Pakistanis crying about petrol prices, if you ever come UK the price is ALOT more and you don't see people in UK crying. If you work hard then you should be able to pay for it and plus in the UK we pay Taxes which no many of you in Pakistan pay so count yourself lucky!!
UK wala Mon 11 Jan, 2016

If we compare the recent international market price, it belong to the year 1995 when Petrol rate was Rs 30Ltr.. What we think about today situation........ Minster Petroleum....Prime Minster..... or Mafia.....increase his own assets....anyhow what you think about petroleum product like engine oil etc... the price is decrease as petrol price however, it will be increase as petrol price..........
Atiq Fri 08 Jan, 2016

Aoa please less it more and finely reach r.s 50pkr per litre . Think and do it.
Rehman Saeed Sun 03 Jan, 2016

Brothers Shukar kea karo petrol rate manasab haan warna 100 sa cross kr jaya to hm kya kr laan ga :-) So keep always smile. Kadi Haas v laya karo.
Haider Fri 01 Jan, 2016

What are the prices for Jan. 2016?
Liaqat Fri 01 Jan, 2016

Petrol 50 Rs ka ho na chiea .
Awais khan Thu 31 Dec, 2015

Kam sy kam peteol ki qemat 40 ya 50 rps bas
Rana rehman Wed 30 Dec, 2015

Pakistan may petrol 48 ayaga .acha hay abhai mehenga hay
Asfandiyar Mon 21 Dec, 2015

reduced the prices of petrole
aizaz Fri 18 Dec, 2015

Petrol prise 50 ya 60 rupay honi chaye pakistan may to boat manga hy
Tariq Sat 05 Dec, 2015

Plz update me about petrol prices at the end of month
haseeb Mon 30 Nov, 2015

I Want to upto data about the change in petroleum prices before the month end. Can you give me information about summary goes to OGRA
M.Ikram Sat 28 Nov, 2015

Retail Pump prices should be much less than what they are! Crude trading at less than US$ 40 per Barrel on the world market!
Meddy Khan Wed 25 Nov, 2015

May be in this month the kerosene oil is still constant but all the other petroleum prices in pakistan bit increase in the price, let see what happen in the next month specially in the price of CNG.
zareen Tue 10 Nov, 2015

Hum bhi abi pitrolpump bnwa rhe hen
pso Fri 16 Oct, 2015

In the whole market of the world the price of petroleum is too much decrease but due to the hidden taxes from the government of pakistan there is no any special fluctuation which I see.
wamiq Tue 06 Oct, 2015

Pakistan Government charge 35 rupees Tax on 1 litter Premium Oil.Why the Opposition Parties are not take action on this Govt. Behavior?
Fahad Tahir Tue 06 Oct, 2015

What about the price of the petroleum in the upcoming month, our government should relief in the price because in the whole market the price of petroleum decreases much fast.
fawad Wed 30 Sep, 2015

I heard that the petrol prices in Pakistan are going to be drastically down. I hope that could be possible so that people can get any advantage from anywhere.
Zahid Sat 12 Sep, 2015

There should be a OGRA's Circular to authenticate the quoted prices. Date of implementation will also help to analyze the required decision to be made.
Naeem Ahmed Siddiqui Thu 10 Sep, 2015

In this time the price is good
abo shayan Sat 05 Sep, 2015

zahid Imran Mon 31 Aug, 2015

The Kerosene price according 60.11 Per ltr. but it is not available on this price in local market. Could you please guide me where from I can get Kerosene on 60.11/= per ltr
Rais M Afridi Thu 27 Aug, 2015

Accourding ro the prices of international market and in between pakistan prices still are heavy and it's cheat with the people's of pakistan . Requesting to thE government of pakistan at least give actual favor to pakistani people's which is A actual right of the people's of pakistan .
Mohammad Bakhsh Tue 11 Aug, 2015

The month of August is also good for the price of petroleum because in this month we have to see little bit relief in the price of the petroleum but in this year I am noting that the price becomes very down.
Farhan Sat 08 Aug, 2015

The latest news that I heard today about Patrol is that the price of Patrol is going down and this new law would be impose on next month most probably. OGRA has suggested this new price cut to Govt and they are going to execute it.
Salman Fri 31 Jul, 2015

The price of the kerosene oil is still constant but i noted that when the price of the petroleum increase or decrease, it just a minor effect on the kerosene oil.
shahzaib Wed 22 Jul, 2015

In sukker distik the petroliem price very high I appeal minster oil kindly bring some action
Alam khan Sat 18 Jul, 2015

70 rupees is acceptable price becoz many people poor man in Pakistan then 70 above not affordable
wasil khan Mon 06 Jul, 2015

I want new petroleum prize in Pakistan1.7.2015 Rana Shahzad
Rana shahzad Tue 30 Jun, 2015

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