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Gold Price in UAE Today Per Gram- Looking for Gold rates to finalize your purchasing decision? Usually people opt for purchasing gold rates in uae per tola according to their needs and preferences. You can access latest gold rate in uae per tola today and gold rate in UAE per Read More

International Gold Rates

Gold 24K / Ounce

23 Jan, 2017 12:39:17


Gold Rates UAE

Gold Unit Gold Price in UAE Gold Price in US Dollar (USD)
Gold 24K per Ounce
AED 4,464.27
Gold 24K per 10 Grams
AED 1,435.27
Gold 22K per 10 Grams
AED 1,315.66
Gold 24K per Tola
AED 1,674.25
Gold 22K per Tola
AED 1,534.73
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Comments on Gold Rates in UAE

Finance page is quiet helpful, with the help of this page we can easily find Gold rates in any country where you want to check. I am checking Gold rates of both 22K & 24K per tola in UAE.
ghazal Mon 14 Nov, 2016

The first thing what we should have to noticed that the gold purity and the big market value which UAE have in Pakistan
Anas Fri 11 Nov, 2016

I urgently want to sell my 2.3 Tola 24K Gold set, can you please tell me what will be the worth of this set according to the current gold rates in UAE?
rabia Wed 09 Nov, 2016

Now days the USA gold price is getting much increase I don’t know what that is reason but it the normal person is not buy it easily.
rehan Fri 04 Nov, 2016

Actually I live in UAE due to my service. Next week I will go Pakistan to enjoy the vacations with my family for that it is necessary to bring a special gift for my wife, I think 24K Gold necklace is a right choice.
zia Wed 02 Nov, 2016

UAE is a islamic country.Just add your money price there and then in seconds you will get the authentic price on this and don’t forget to share it with your friends .
asma Tue 01 Nov, 2016

Last year I purchased a Ring from UAE, it was so expensive but due to the purity the shining of this gold ring is still like a new, I really like UAE Gold.
sharjeel Tue 01 Nov, 2016

I just want to know that why the gold rate in pakistan is high then international market.plz tell me about this.
darsabeen Thu 27 Oct, 2016

According to the same rates of 25th Oct, I purchased a 24K Gold bar which weight is 1.5 Tola. Actually I want to buy it for the purpose of saving, I will make a gold set soon.
Dami Thu 27 Oct, 2016

Due to the purity of Gold in UAE I always prefer UAE Gold. Last week when I went in UAE I purchase Gold 24K per 10 grams in the market price rates.
Danial Wed 26 Oct, 2016

The American gold has a very good crates is then the other countries because the other countries gold are the authentic pure
ulfat Wed 26 Oct, 2016

Gold Buyers and Sellers can track the Gold Rate in UAE daily on this page. It gets updated four times to keep the rates fresh and relevant especially for the gold buyers all over the world.
fareeha Mon 24 Oct, 2016

When I went UAE in the last year I also bought two ounce gold from there but the price of gold at that time was much higher than the current price, such a great fluctuation I noted in the price
farhan Sat 22 Oct, 2016

UAE have mountains of Gold .i always believe on Saudi Gold because saudi gold rates are really reasonable .i always buy Gold from Saudia.
saleem Thu 20 Oct, 2016

Find gold rate in UAE 22 Carat per tola and per 10 gram, also find 24K Gold Price per ounce in US$. Get updates of Joy Alukkas gold rate UAE.
darsabeen Thu 20 Oct, 2016

UAE has a big amount in gold currency and that’s why the people who are making business in gold have attached closely to India.
imran Tue 18 Oct, 2016

Thank you so much for this amazing offer. I want to purchase some gold units for my daughter's wedding! Thank you so much.
gafoor Mon 17 Oct, 2016

The people who live in UAE they can easily check the currency rate and gold rates from this page. This page always show accurate rates for USA and for other countries
Ihsaan Ullah Sun 16 Oct, 2016

I want to know that are these gold rates in UAE mentioned on this page are valid for all the cities or do they vary from city to city or state to state?
ahmad Sat 15 Oct, 2016

Gold rate in UAE per gram in dirham AED is available for any gold jewellery you purchase. This page is the genuine source of information for getting the Gold price in UAE per gram in dirham today online. Usually women purchase in tola therefore, you can access authentic gold price in UAE today per tola that can be beneficial for you.
mashoo Fri 14 Oct, 2016

UAE is famous due to the purity and the prices in the all over the world. I also live in Riyadh, I purchased many gold sets from there to my wife and daughter.
sadia Tue 11 Oct, 2016

you can access latest gold rate in uae per tola today and gold rate in UAE per gram today online. This page serves as giving the most relevant information about gold rates prevailing in UAE.
kashaf Sun 09 Oct, 2016

UAE Gold rates are so reasonable and I really like the Gold of UAE. i always purchase Gold from UAE . I just believe on the rates of UAE.
Fakhra Fri 07 Oct, 2016

For the gold rates in UAE I am using this authentic certified page of gold agency here you can check the needed information of yours related to gold
Ghafoor Fri 07 Oct, 2016

Gold rates in UAE is way cheaper than the ones in other Middle eastern countries. I will definatley be purchasing gold from this platform from here. Thanks for listing the rates here.
anum Tue 04 Oct, 2016

The gold rate in UAE depends on all the countries gold price, due to the decrease of the gold price we can see that the price of gold also decrease in the whole gold market of the world.
naseem Sun 02 Oct, 2016

Get the latest and most relevant gold rates of UAE online on this page. You will find the proper schedule of Gold price in UAE every time you visit here. I am glad to the creator of this page for providing us this sort of information
Moin Thu 29 Sep, 2016

Every time when I choose to buy gold I see some fluctuation in the prices of gold. Gold rate on this page also refers that the current rate is also little bit increased.
Amir Wed 28 Sep, 2016

i lived in UAE and I want to buy Gold for my sister wedding but I don’t know the daily gold prices. I search a lot but can’t find the related prices except this site.
Fariha Tue 20 Sep, 2016

Finally some trustworthy service of this bracket is available online, gold rates are quite precise, really a great place for local in UAE to get information about gold deals.
Asif Sun 18 Sep, 2016

I am glad to access this unique service online for the assistance of business related users. And the rates of gold in UAE are accurately mentioned here. From now to onwards i can check rates anytime without any difficulty.
Tofail Fri 16 Sep, 2016

The residents of UAE can access the authentic and most comprehensive information about Gold rates prevailing in the UAE region. I am sure this information can be helpful for gold traders or those who have interest in gold jewelry
Tooba Thu 15 Sep, 2016

I cant tell you how much excited I am to access the most relevant gold rates in UAE listed here online on this page. I am glad to access this unique service online for the assistance of business related users.
Umer Mon 29 Aug, 2016

Find the latest and verified from authentic source, the gold rates in UAE listed here online on this page. I am happy to access this unique online service for the assistance of business related users.
Khalid Sat 27 Aug, 2016

Just checked the gold rates for all the gold units in UAE. Gold price in UAE and in USD are mentioned on this page for your assistance. International gold rates are also mentioned here and are updated from time to time.
Irum Thu 25 Aug, 2016

Access the most relevant and authentic gold rates in UAE listed here online on this page. I am glad to access this unique service online for the assistance of business related users.
Wasif Wed 24 Aug, 2016

Can you guys please mention the source of information of all these Gold prices in UAE listed online here? I am really eager to know about it in detail. This page is pretty helpful for the gold traders altogether.
Rida Fri 19 Aug, 2016

GOLD RATES IN UAE, International gold rates can be accessed online from this page. The best thing about this page is that it offers you latest updated rates that you can trust and use anytime
Khalid Thu 18 Aug, 2016

Find out the latest and relevant gold rates in UAE today online on this page. You can get the proper schedule of Gold price in UAE and in United States. I am all thankful to the management of this page for providing us then right information
Uzma Tue 16 Aug, 2016

Gold Price in UAE for all cities are listed here on this page for your assistance. You can check out the dollar rate with respect to each gold units. Thanks for informing me about the rates here as I dont have to look for it anywhere else.
Parveen Fri 12 Aug, 2016

Check out this page in order to grab the information about Gold rates in UAE and adjoining areas. I am sure this page will be of great significance to all those who are looking forward to buy gold in near future.
Moin Wed 10 Aug, 2016

22K gold rates are little bit different as compare to the 24K that is why I purchased 22K bar according to the rates of Gold 22K per Tola ($458.30), I will use it for the preparation of Necklace.
dawood Mon 08 Aug, 2016

Yesterday I purchased a bar of 24K gold from the gold market in karachi but before purchased I just confirmed the rate with the help of this site. It was just according to the market.
mustafa Wed 03 Aug, 2016

In this week we can see the fluctuation in Gold rates in international market, with the help of this page I viewed the weekly changes in the price of Gold in Pakistan and noting it little bit increase.
rehan Mon 01 Aug, 2016

Every time when I decide to purchase gold I see some shuffling in the price. The schedule of UAE gold shows that the current rate is also little bit increase.
abbas Fri 29 Jul, 2016

Gold Price in UAE are available on this page online updated from time to time. Please make sure that these gold rates are accurately listed as I am going to check it before making a purchase.
Waleed Thu 19 May, 2016

I noted that the price of gold in the gold resources countries and the other countries are similar but may be the quality of UAE gold is better than the other countries.
Yahya Thu 12 May, 2016

Gold rates in UAE is also constant that is the reason that the price of gold is quiet affordable. Due to our business usually I import the gold bar from UAE, peoples like the quality of imported gold.
abbas Fri 29 Apr, 2016

The table shows gold price in Dubai in Dirhams (AED) per gram, and 10 tolas bar, for the most commonly used carats in Dubai which are 24 carat, 22 carat, and 18 carat. Also 21 carat is sometimes used.
Shahid Fri 22 Apr, 2016

I want to sell my gold, please tell me the current price. And also Kindly requested to active gold daily rate on my cell number 03003997119, Thank you.
Rakesh Sun 17 Apr, 2016

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