Name According To Date Of Birth In Islam

The date of birth of a child may play an important role in the development of the personality. It is not confirmed till now, but it may have an impact. The date of birth for a particular month can also be seen in the perspective of Zodiac signs. Here we are bringing Baby name according to date of birth in Islam.

To know the initials of the name according to zodiac first look at the months according to the date of birth.

21 March–20 April Burjhamal(Siyara Marekh)

21 April–21 May Burj Soar(Siyara Zohra)

22 May–21 June Burj Jooza(Atarad)

22 June–23 July Burj Sertaan(Qamar)

24 July–23 August Burj Asad(Shams)

24 August–23 September Burj Sumbla(Atarad)

24 September–23 October Burj Mezaan(Zohra)

24 October–22 November Burj Aqrab(Merekh)

23 November–22 December Burj Qaos(Mushtari)

23 December–20 January Burj Jaddi(Zohal)

21 January–19 February Burj Dillu(Zohal)

20 February–21 March Burj Hoot(Mushtari)

According To Them, Some Initial Letters Are Also Provided Along With The Dates.

Burj Hamal Alif,Laam,Ain,Yea

Burj Soar Bay,Wao

Burj Jooza Qaaf,Kaaf

Burj Sertaa Hay,Haey

Burj Asad Meem,Taey

Burj Sumbla Pay,Ghain

Burj Mezaan Ray,Tay,Toay

Burj Aqrab Noon,Zay,Zaal,Zoad,Zoay

Burj Qaos Fay

Burj Jaddi Jeem,Gaaf,Khay

Burj Dillu Seen,Sheen,Soad,Say

Burj Hoot Chay,Daal

According to it, people can choose these given names to name their baby.

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Names English Meaning Urdu Meaning
Umm e Abiha Her Father's Mother حضرت فاطمہ رضی اللہ کا نام
Batool Pure, Chaste, Virgin (Devoted To Allah) کنواری، حضرت فاطمہ زہرا کا لقب
Qandeel Chinldlers فانوس
Hira Name of Hill پہاڑی کا نام جہاں قرآن پاک نازل ہوا نبی کریم
Minha Blessings From Allah ضمانت، عنایت، تحفہ کا اللہ
Rida Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing ﷲ کی حمایت یافتہ، شرم والی، حیا
Jannat Heaven, Paradise بہشت٬ باغ، خلد، فردوس
Farwa Crown”, “Wealth” پَشم، سَمُور
Sana Praising words for Allah Almighty تعریف، حمد، مداح
Kulsoom Knowledge, Wisdom علم، حکمت
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