Sad Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Sad Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari

Sad Poetry – Sadness is a part of human life and sad shayari is the way to express feelings of depression and down time of life. Sad Poetry, Sad Shayari, Sad Ghazals and Sad Poems in Urdu have a history of over 300 years. What is Sad Poetry? In view of experts, Sad Shayari is the expression of your sorrows and grievances that every human being experiences in their daily life. The best thing to express your true sad feelings is to listen, recite, or share sad poetry. Almost every poet has narrated a specific collection of sad shayari that you can associate with when you feel depressed.

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Shakeel Badaiwani is my favorite poet. He wrote some great poems and this one is also among them.

By: Saif, Lahore on Mar, 08 2021

It is such a nice poem that was written by Shakeel Badaiwani. Lyrics are so amazing and heart touching.

By: Asad, Karachi on Mar, 04 2021

Here is the great thing for us . everyone can visit here . i like it

By: Shahid, karachi on Mar, 04 2021

The ability to write Shayari in the lines of Sad are truly great, I eager to read his collections for that many times I land from this source. check this line here the poet is in full sad mood.

By: Nasir, Peshawar on Feb, 26 2021

This is really sad shayari, I really like this poetry and there is a lot of poetry on this page

By: Subhan, Rawalpindi on Jan, 20 2021

Sad Poetry in Urdu

The sad poetry is a way to express sorrows and grievances that every human being experiences in their daily life. From the start, the sad shayari in Urdu gained the attraction of its readers. Here, you can read dukhi shayari, bewafa poetry, dard shayari, tanha shayari and other poetries.

Nafrat Shayari

Sometimes, we get hurt by the behavior of people and it eventually brings the feelings of hate. People often take advantage of Nafrat Shayari to overcome this negative emotion.  You can easily pick from different available poems.

Four Lines / Two Lines Sad Poetry

Some people do not like long poems and prefer to read shorter versions such as four lines sad poetry. By sharing two lines sad poetry to your loved ones, you can easily convey the feelings that you have for them.

Dukhi Shayari

The best thing to express your true sad feelings is to listen, recite, or share dukhi shayari. Almost every poet has narrated specific collection of sad poetry in urdu that you can associate with when you feel depress. Sad moments occur and leave in life and it depends on us that how we handle our sad situations. Some people engage their self in darkness and loneliness to overcome their sadness and some people find comfort in sad shayari in Urdu.

Tanha Shayari / Yaad Poetry

The Yaad poetry usually connects the person with the sad happenings of their life and relates the sad experiences of detachments from their loved ones. Tanha Shayari is a way of expression, a way of words, the way a person writes his feelings and emotions. Nothing says that sad shayari is related to emotion or is written with it. We naturally assume this because in most cases when we express a feeling or want to express our feelings we write poetry or we relate to poetry according to our feelings.

If you want to send shayari in the form of picture then view the sad poetry images from here. You can easily share the Urdu sad shayari pics on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. Here, you can read some of the handpicked and latest collection of sad poetry pics from the renowned conventional Urdu poets like Mir Dard, Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, or from the collection of the contemporary poets Wasi Shah, Iftikhar Arif, Ahmed Faraz, Parveen Shakir to name a few. There is a trend of sharing sad poetry in Urdu via SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp by users. You just need to speak your heart out at times to feel relax and comfortable. So, express your feelings and sentiments with the sad shayari in Urdu.