Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold Rate in Pakistan is Rs 89,094 for 10 gram 24K and Gold price for per tola is Rs 103,911 on 29 May 2020, as per Saraf Jewelers Association.

Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 89,094
Gold 24K per Tola Rs. 103,911
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 81,670
Gold 22K per Tola Rs. 95,252
Last Updated: 28 May 2020 (Source:Karachi Saraf)
Gold 24K Ounce $1727
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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

Gold Rate in Pakistan- Gold is always considered as a precious and most valuable metal among different metals thereby, its significance and importance can’t be neglected. In Pakistan the Gold is widely use in different purposes and several factors influence the Gold Price in Pakistan so if you are looking for the Gold Rate in Pakistan then you can take it from this website because they offered latest and accurate Gold Price in Pakistan along with deep information regarding Gold Price Today its history and even more than that.

What is Gold Price in Pakistan Today?

Gold Price in Pakistan is Rs. 89,094 as latest updated price on 29 May, 2020

How many grams in 22k gold?

The gold price is usually calculated on a fraction basis and for 22 Karat gold it is 22/24. However, the 22k gold possesses 8.33% alloy metal and 91.67% gold. So, a 22K 10gm gold bar has 9.1666 grams gold in the alloy.

How much is a Tola?

The measurement of tola varies in different countries. However, in Pakistan, one tola is equal to 11.663 grams.

About Gold

Gold is a precious metal that is in shinny yellow color it is very significant across the world and that’s why people massively used gold for different purposes. Apart from that it has some properties like; it is soft, can easy on bent, dense metal and ability to dissolve. However, it can also be harder after mixing the other metals with Gold.

Usage of Gold

Gold is highly valuable and it is used for several purposes some of them are listed below.

  • • The Gold can be used as investing purposes through the buying of Gold coins or bars.
  • • It was also widely used as a currency from several years because of its higher valuation.
  • • Gold is also extensively used in Dentistry; dentist used gold as the perfect alternative for teeth.
  • • As a noble element so it is also used in medals, champion cups and awards for the winners. Even also used in statute, sculpture and idols.
  • • The 80% of Gold reserves are used in making different type of jewelries even it has been now used in chocolates and in clothing embroidery.

Besides its uses it has various significance and importance which can never neglect.

History of Gold

Gold has been emerged in the world from several centuries, as per the sources the ancient civilization has first time used flakes of Gold and after that Gold has been found across the globe. Additionally, today it is found in the form of coinage, bars and jewelry etc.

Besides that, United States, China, Australia, Russia, Canada, Australia and South Africa are the famous country that has highest Gold reserves and worldwide markets will purchase it and circulated in their markets.

Gold Rate in Pakistan

The Gold is widely used in Pakistan from several years, many women in Pakistan is likely to used gold as their accessories while other will used it as a viable source of investment. However, if we had talked about Gold Price in Pakistan so the price of gold is accumulated in London Bullion Market and sometimes by IMF, they had the sole authority to set the gold standards and its price.

Apart from that, the rate of gold is not fixed and it is fluctuating from time to time because several factors depend upon it. In Pakistan the Gold Rate Today is always at higher level because Pakistani Rupees is always considered as low currency as compared with other world currencies. Likewise, if we look at Gold Price Pakistan History so Pakistan has never stable gold rate and the fact is so oblivious Pakistan has faced serious economic crisis and sever inflation.

Besides that, the gold rate is great influence as per some of the determinants which are as follows

Gold Price Today

Presently the gold price will impact Pakistan and other global markets due to following factors.

  • • When globally the demand of Gold is high the price will ultimately high.
  • • When the supply of gold is short from the market because central banks keeps it reserves than price of gold will also high.
  • • When the interest rate is increase the gold rate also increase
  • • When dollar is up the gold rate is also up, as they are closely tied with each other.

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

Thereby, if you want to purchase gold for investing or any other purposes you need to check out the rate of gold. In this regard this page caters its users by offering them errorless and latest Today Gold Rate in Pakistan alongside with you can also update about Gold Rates Pakistan Today Karachi this web page has the capability to provide Gold Rates Pakistan Today Karachi and other cities as well so that you can check out as per your destination.

Furthermore, through this platform you can also browse down Gold Rate Per Tola in Pakistan as the page enables 1 Tola Gold Rate in Pakistan, 22kt Gold Rate Today and Gold Rate in Pakistan 21 Per Tola etc. In this way you can easily estimate 24kt, 24 per tola and 22kt gold rate today

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why gold rate are still high in such destructive situations? btw thanks for updated information
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why gold rate are still high in such destructive situations? btw thanks for updated information
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gold rate is quite alarming now.... already crossed 1 lac even in such pandemic situation.
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It is good to see the updated page with authentic information. Gold prices are increasing so rapidly.
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gold will go onwards UP to 1 lac 25 thousands, as dollar will go 200 soon
By: jamee on Tue 07 Apr, 2020
I think it will go downwards & will be settled between 70 to 80 thousand per 10 gram. this is just my prediction don't use it for investment purpose.
By: Faraz on Sat 04 Apr, 2020
Gold ka rate kitna upper jaye ga?
By: Imran on Sat 04 Apr, 2020
is the bying /selling of physical gold possible now a days in karachi
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Mre pas 8 tola set hai belkol new hai just ek din use hoa hai for contact 03339791049
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By: Muhammad Waqas on Fri 13 Mar, 2020
The weight of one tola gold is 11.664 grams which is mentioned wrongly 12.5 grams. Similarly the cost calculation for 22 kt. gold is not cprrect
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The Gold rates which is now recent update is here available. In this schedule you can check out the authentic result of the recent rates of Gold
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Gold is highly valuable and it is used for several purposes . Now just checkout the gold rates of the finance that provide us the ever gram rates of what we need to know that before buying anything of gold
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