Beef Tikka Recipe By Chef Zakir

Submited by Anum from Karachi


800g lean steak beef, cut into bite-sized pieces

3 green cardamoms

6 whole black peppers

1 1/2 inches cinnamon

6 cloves

3/4 inch ginger

6 cloves garlic

3/4 tsp dried fenugreek, soaked in hot water

1 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

100g natural yogurt

500g passata

60 ml soured cream

200 g salted butter

Salt to flavour


Preheat the oven to 200 C. Place the cardamoms, black peppers, cinnamon and cloves on a baking sheet and dry roast them for about 10 minutes. Put into blender and mix with ginger and garlic. Add a small bit of water and blend to a smooth paste.

Place beef in bowl and add the paste, lemon juice and yogurt and mix well and leave for two hours.

Place on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 mins.

Warm the passata over a medium heat in large pan. Add in the sour cream and butter. When the butter has melted mix in the cooked beef with all its juices. Stir in the fenugreek with its hot water. Serve immediately with Basmati rice.


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Reviews on Beef Tikka Recipe By Chef Zakir

Looking the delicious beef tikka by the best chef zakir that we easily make that at home by the following this method
Neelum - Multan 4/2/2018 11:17:02 AM
Beef tikka recipe! Who doesn’t love it? Especially on Eid and when your mother makes it for you. The love and care increases when you love such things made by your loving mother.
Waheed - Eindhoven 9/11/2017 3:59:36 PM
Eid Ul Adha is almost there. I always anxiously wait for this eid as beef tikka recipe is my favorite kind of tikka recipe. and at that time I get many chances to eat my favorite food.
Qasim - Okara 8/31/2017 7:30:35 PM
Beef tikka recipe is such a tempting and enjoyable dish. I literally love this food very much as I am a food lover and the one mentioned here on this page seems quite tasty.
Naina - Goa 8/28/2017 3:06:34 PM
Really very soft, juice, tender and succulent in taste and texture. I really loved beef tikka recipe. My mother is also liked it so much that she said to make it again in today’s dinner as well.
Farha - Kansas 8/25/2017 1:34:48 PM
Your beef tikka recipe made it easy for me to cook such a complicated and difficult dish. It was simple awesome. Thanks for doing so. ^_^. Really I am very much obliged to you for this recipe.
Shadab - Mandi 8/22/2017 1:58:27 PM
I am very thankful to HamariWeb, with the help of its recipes portal I am successfully try many recipes at home. Currently I am making the list of Bakra Eid recipes for that I am noting the process of Beef Tikka Recipe. Insha Allah I will make it on first day of Eid.
imrana - khi 8/21/2017 7:10:49 AM
I am very fond of eating beef tikka recipe so I love making them as well… but the technique you have used there is literally unique and different from the one I follow. Literally very yummy!
Jalal - New York 8/18/2017 1:28:56 PM
I was reading reviews on this page and those reviews made me excited about this dish. I really want to make this beef tikka to get to know why everybody love them so much.
Hania - Kaduana 8/16/2017 12:54:06 PM
No one can teach you anything if you don’t have passion to learn. Cooking is my passion and I enjoy it. This enables me to try out new recipes like Beef Tikka that I browsed online. The taste is really tempting and delicious.
Afan - Multan 8/31/2016 12:58:57 AM

Beef Tikka Recipe By Chef Zakir

Beef Tikka Recipe by Chef Zakir – Its a perfect BBQ recipe that is perfect to be served as a meal for Eid ul Adha parties. Beef Tikka Recipe is simple and less time consuming and is prepared with less efforts. In order to make tantalizing Beef Tikka recipe, you need cardamoms, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, garlic, dried fenugreek, fresh lemon juice, yogurt, passata, soured cream, salted butter and salt. Beef Tikka recipe is healthy and highly nutritious. It is baked in preheated oven and served with Basmati rice. Beef Tikka recipe by Chef Zakir comes from his expertise and has a unique taste. You can prepare it for Eid ul Adha and get maximum appreciation for this delicious dish.