chicken corn soup

Serving soup as a starter is the healthy life style. Prepare the most popular Chicken Corn Soup from the recipe posted on this page. Healthy and tasty Chicken Corn Soup is the best thing to have before meal. It is easy to make and can be prepared within minutes. Follow the recipe as it is to get the accurate consistency.

Submited by asma murtaza from brampton canada

boil chicken 1/2 cup
• chicken stock 2 cup
• vinigar 1 tab sp
• soya sauce 1 tab sp
• 1 egg
• corn flour
• salt to taste
• black peper 1/2 tea sp
• boil corn 3 tab sp
• nodules boil 1/2 cup

boil chicken and make a small piece
in 2 cup chicken stock add all ingredients accept corn flour and egg.
when boil put egg little little . and mix corn flour in water and add in soup when soup will be thick turn off the heat .

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