Chicken Samosa Recipe

Submited by Sadia from Karachi


Minced chicken 200 grams
Onion 1 sliced finely
Green chili 1 sliced finely
Nutmeg powder 1 pinch
Caster sugar 1 pinch
Fresh coriander ½ bunch
Oil ½ liter
Samoosa sheets 12 to 15
Garlic paste 1 tbsp
Paprika ¼ tsp
Salt and black pepper to taste


Chicken Samosas are often use as evening snacks, you can also present this to your guests, if you are hungry and you out Chicken Samosa can give you strength and energy. You can also make Chicken Samosas At home.

In a wok, add oil and heat on medium flame.

Now add garlic paste, minced chicken, salt and black pepper to taste, paprika or red chili powder, nutmeg powder and caster sugar and mix.

Cook until minced chicken is tender.

Remove from flame and let it cool.

Now add a finely sliced onion, a finely sliced green chili and fresh coriander and mix well.

Put a portion of mince mixture on the samoosa sheet and fold.

Seal it with a runny batter of flour and water or egg white.

Repeat the same with all samoosa sheets.

In a wok, heat oil and fry samoosas.

Serve delicious hot samoosas with your favorite dip.

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Reviews on Chicken Samosa Recipe

Chicken samosa recipe is good nice made easy to make amazing taste
Shahida - Rawalpindi 1/24/2019 6:36:03 AM
The good recipe for making it easily by own hand made of chicken samosa that everyone can easily make that step by step to see from here
hania - Karachi 6/2/2018 12:11:30 PM
Here we have the chicken samosa recipe that helps to get make it with the delicious taste without get any trouble by this easy method
ayman - islamabad 5/31/2018 5:38:06 AM
Now I don’t have to get buy the chicken samosa from the market because here I have the whole easy recipe to make it at home with the delicious taste
anosha - Panjab 5/30/2018 5:50:15 PM
If you want to make your Iftar so good with some new recipe so here you an add more Samosa dishes in it with the Chicken Chinese taste
Sana - Karachi 5/28/2018 12:05:20 PM
This chicken samosa is looking very delicious that I can make that easily by the following this recipe step by step without get any trouble
rabia - Panjab 5/23/2018 12:47:49 PM
This recipe of making the Chicken Samosa is really good for me because it has the new taste which I never think to have before in my dishes of Pakora and Samosa
Hania - Karachi 5/20/2018 6:45:21 AM
The whole recipe of chicken samosa having here that giving us the delicious taste by this easy way step by step without get any trouble
soha - Karachi 5/17/2018 5:17:37 PM
I always feel difficulty when i fried, can you please give me some tips about how I can pack its Samosa sheets while frying, normally I use water.
zainab - khi 5/16/2018 1:11:14 AM
cooking is an instant way to remove your stress. I made chicken samosa for my family as they became back from the office last night. their complimentary remarks made me happy. Thank you.
Resham - Larkana 5/15/2018 12:12:19 PM

Chicken Samosa Recipe

Chicken Samosa Recipe is immensely tempting and delicious snack that every Pakistani loves to consume. Prepared with minced chicken mixed with garlic, onions, green chilies, nutmeg powder, fresh coriander, caster sugar, paprika, salt, and pepper, Chicken Samosa recipe gets its mouth watering spicy taste. Preparing the Samosa with the Samosa sheet and deep frying them in oil is certainly time taking but interesting task. Chicken Samosa recipe can be the best thing to serve at Iftar table or at any hi-tea party. It is recommended to serve Chicken Samosa recipe hot with any of your favorite dip. You can find the relevant ingredients, and method to prepare it online here.