Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee – The season of coffee has started. Hot and cold coffee can be enjoyed throughout the year. Learn to make cold coffee at home with ease by following the recipe posted on the page. Within minutes you can enjoy amazing cold coffee. Try and share your experience.
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1 cup milk, 1 tbs coffee, 1/2cup chocolate ice cream , chocolate for garnishing

mix coffee and milk in a blander then add ice-cream then serve in a mug and garnish with chocolate.

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Reviews on Cold Coffee
how did it become so thick even after adding ice cubes? Tea - black and herb are my fav although outside has no zest - good for the house no good in a latte. Like grey and ceylon black

Mehtab - karachi 05 May, 2016

I have a hobby of cooking you know like trying new things so thank you very much for the cold coffee recipe can you please tell me which coffee should we use???choclate syurp and choclate sauce is same???milk should be boiled once..

Nadia - Karachi 05 May, 2016

I would definitely make it because I need quick and simple recipes for drinks beverages. I like coffees of different kinds and cold one is also one of my choices. I prefer it over teas even at evenings. I take these beverages.

Aniqa - Karachi 16 Mar, 2016

This method is very easy to prepare cold coffee because it just take few minutes. Last time I also made it home in which I used chocolate crunch and the chocolate ice cream, it was full of taste.

Lubna - khi 15 Jan, 2016

Is it necessary to use chocolate ice cream in cold coffee? I drink it from some where, where I noted that some choco biscuits are also include in this coffe which make a good taste.

afreen - khi 09 Nov, 2015

I like cold cofeeeeeee thick mehwish

shouki - Attock 15 Feb, 2013

This forum nedeed shaking up and you've just done that. Great post!

Rubens - oCXCnjWWUWlxag 13 Jun, 2012


SAFA - AURANGABAD 05 Dec, 2011


SHAHBAZ - GUJRAT 24 Nov, 2011

Every thing is rescipe cold coffee coffe powder 2teaspoon milk half cup coffe ice cream 3 scooper and class dip his chocolate syrup.

Javed iqbal saim - Islamabad 22 Sep, 2011

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