Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe

Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe recipe is regarded as one of the most popular recipe of Pakistani cuisine. No dining table is complete without presenting delicious and aromatic Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe recipe. By following the Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe recipe as it is listed will get you perfect taste. Above is the Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe recipe by which you can make Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe easily anywhere around the world. All the ingredients & method are provided for your assistance. Enjoy the delicious of Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe recipes at

Submited by Javeriya Ahemad from Sukkur


1/2 kg Meat
1/2 kg Rice
2 Black cardamom
2 Onion
4 Green cardamom
6 cloves Garlic
6 Green chilies
1 piece Ginger
1 bunch Mint leaves
1 cup Yogurt
1/2 cup Oil
1 tsp All spice powder
1 tsp Black cumin seeds
1 tsp Kewra water
1 tbsp Whole coriander
1 tbsp Fennel seeds


Boil 1/2 kg Meat with 6 cloves of Garlic, 1 piece Ginger, 1 tbsp Whole coriander, 1 tbsp Fennel seeds, 1 tsp Black cumin seeds and 4 glass of water. Cook till meat is tender. Now separate meat from stock. Soak 1/2 kg Rice. In pan heat 1/2 cup oil, add 2 chopped Onion, 2 Black cardamom and 4 Green cardamom. Now add boiled meat with 1 cup Yogurt and fry well. Add stock, 6 Green chilies with soaked rice. cook well, add 1 bunch Mint leaves and 1 tsp All spice powder, simmer for few minutes. Lastly add 1 tsp Kewra water and serve hot.

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Reviews on Degi Yakhni Pulao Recipe

Very good made yakhni pulao really like pulao i am happy for tasty pulao
Kamran - Lahore 1/25/2019 5:02:24 AM
Degi Yakhni Pulao is so delicious dish that I can makes with the lots of ingredients at last Saturday.Degi Yakhni Pulao is the tasty dish,because it can makes at last sunday and my my family was also like it Degi Yakhni Pulao and was appreciate me.
uzma naz - karachi 9/24/2018 5:32:02 AM
All of your mutton recipes are unique and seems like best. I guess, these are the recipes of top chefs of Pakistan. Thank you for making them available for us.
Ghazala - Karachi 7/15/2018 11:04:55 PM
As the summers are close and for the most part I fell sick because of outrageous sweltering climate. So I think I have discovered the answer for this issue as I can without much of a stretch lessen my temperature through this.
ayesha - gjw 11/29/2017 1:40:22 PM
I love to eat spicy food and you have made this pulao exactly according my kind of taste. Amazingly superb and tasty. Thanks a lot for making me able to make pulao.
Fahida - Jehlum 5/12/2017 10:18:06 AM
Some days ago I mad this dish to follow this recipe of Degi yakhni puulao who I made very delicious at the first time that’s why I can still follow this site to make any new dish
guma - islamabad 4/11/2017 1:59:55 PM
I sometimes try to make a tasteful combination of foods and drinks then I make degi yakhni pulao with something that makes a perfect match with it.
HAJRA - makkah 4/1/2017 12:11:34 AM
This is a very healthy recipe and an easy way to feed veggies to the kids who are fussy eaters. I make degi yakhni pulao for my friends.
ammara - antwerpen 3/16/2017 10:00:28 PM
For some people it is hard to get taste of rice like we eat on some occasion made in Deg, but Chef Zubaeda Tariq is giving you a delicious and authentic recipe of Degi Yakhni Pulao which you can make without any fear to treat your family. 
gaziyan - danmark 3/14/2017 10:44:16 PM
degi yakhni pulao is very delicious. I am practicing to make foods my self but this is start so sometimes I get difficulty but I will keep practicing.
parisa - thatta 3/11/2017 12:52:44 AM