Fish Fry With Green Masala Recipe By Zubaida Tariq

Submited by Najam from Lahore


Fish 4
Turmeric1 tsp
White vinegar1 tbsp
Lemons 3
Oil1 cup
Saltto taste
Fenugreek leaves2 bunches
Green coriander1 bunch
Cumin1 tsp
Green chilies8
Crushed black pepper1 tsp
Garlic 8 cloves


  1. Wash the fish and add in 1 cup lemon and turmeric. make chutney of green coriander, green chilies and and garlic cloves. The soak fenugreek leaves in water water with some turmeric. Take some oil in the pan and add onion. Fry them till they are golden brown. Add in fenugreek leaves and chutney sauté it and add the fried fish in it. Then add in 2 lemon juice , black pepper and cumin seed. Serve hot.  

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Reviews on Fish Fry With Green Masala Recipe By Zubaida Tariq

Zubaida tariq recipes is very nice awesome good recipe it is so tasty made dish excellent
Sana - Lahore 2/12/2019 5:20:45 AM
this fish fry is meaty,juicy,crispy on the outside. the fish to your right is coated with rice flour for extra crisp.
Shabana - murree 1/24/2017 5:04:42 AM
Spicy and delicious recipe of Fish Fry Green Masala which I truly want to make again and again because of the unexpected and new taste of it
Sidra - Karachi 1/3/2017 3:31:46 PM
I remember when I ate this recipe for the first time in a resort near my house, and I loved it so much, so here I found it and there is no power on earth that can stop me for trying it.
maleeka - kaghan 10/19/2016 11:09:41 AM
Peoples use this recipe usually in our home because many peoples are like fish so they use the many recipes of fish fry but prefer about this recipe that any one try it
afzal - quita 10/15/2016 2:27:15 PM
zubaida tariq is my favorite chef, I have tried almost all of her recipes and now I am going to try this one in winter season.
naheed zulfiqar - Gujrat 9/2/2016 12:21:01 PM
This recipe of delicious fish fry made by zubaida Tariq is only for sea food lovers and it becomes a very tasty when you made it by fresh fishes and it’s also a new one fish fry Masala recipe
Nazia - Karachi 7/22/2016 3:08:36 AM
After the long searched and read many pages I've got the recipe what i want to made in Fish Fry I've tasted this dish at hotel and I've seen my Husband love to eat this dish and want to eat it again that's why I'm here to made it for my Husband
Samra - Karachi 7/15/2016 5:23:49 PM
My whole family and is a foodie and my sons are sea food lover i fried fish with old recipe and i saw they didn't like so much my that recipe then i copied some ingredients and some recipes from on this page than they like it so much and told me how can you made this fish mom
Aliza - Karachi 7/12/2016 8:52:45 PM
My husband is a seafood lover and therefore, I want to make Fish Fry with Green Masala Recipe by Zubaida Tariq. If anyone has tried this recipe then please let me know how it tastes.
Javeria - Karachi 5/3/2016 6:39:13 AM

Fish Fry With Green Masala Recipe By Zubaida Tariq

Enjoy Fish Fry recipe with Green Masala recipe by Zubaida Tariq. It is a treat for sea food lovers. Fish fry is prepared with all the Desi ingredients including onions, turmeric, lemon, vinegar, green chilies, green coriander, black pepper, garlic, and cumin. Fish Fry recipe with Green Masala recipe is a specialization of cooking expert Zubaida Tariq. Fish Fry recipe with Green Masala is spicy yet delicious. It is available in the menu card of all the leading restaurants of Pakistan.