Homemade Cake Recipes Without Oven

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1 and 1/2 cup plain flour
1 cup powdered sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup refined oil or plain butter
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoon baking powder


Simple Cake Recipe:
1- Collect ingredients which you need to make a ordinary cake. The ingredients that you are most likely to use are milk, vegetable oil and, flour, butter, vanilla essence, chocolate powder (or what you want for your taste). But you may use egg in this according to your will.

2- Mix them all. Mix all of the ingredient in a container: flour, milk, butter, chocolate powder, vanilla essence, baking powder according to simple cake.

3- Take a dish in which you want to bake the cake, dip the paper towel into vegetable oil and squeeze the oil out to grease the pan. Pour the batter in the greased pan. Don't fully fill the container. Let the cake stand two hours before baking.

4- Put the sand in the pressure cooker 1/4 filled. This sand is used to make an environment like oven in the pressure cooker. Put the sand and light the flame underneath.

5- Keep the container in the pressure cooker as you do with your oven and leave it for a while. Keep checking the cake whether it is baked or not by inserting a toothpick or cake tester into the the cake.

6- Take the cake out with care and take the paper gently out the dish, use a knife for this. Take that cake out in another container for freezing.

7- Frost it and decorate with your desire. At last you can share it with your friends saying this is a cake made without an oven.


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Reviews on Homemade Cake Recipes Without Oven

Homemade Cake Recipes Without Oven I cooked this last Saturday and love the taste, its soft enough, Its really easy to cook this homemade cake Recipe because we don't need any oven for making this recipe.I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.
Aroos - faisalabad 10/24/2018 2:39:31 AM
I cooked this last Saturday and love the taste, its soft enough, Its really easy to cook this homemade cake because we don't need any oven for making this recipe. I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.
sara khan - karachi 9/22/2018 2:31:42 AM
Manoansar - Karachi 7/12/2018 12:45:18 PM
The recipe of homemade cake that we easily make that without oven are mention here with the whole method step by step as we easily understating that
naeema - islamabad 6/4/2018 1:41:47 PM
Recipes are good mentioned here which is so easy to make in the shortest time we have got on the weekends so make the new Homemade Cake recipe with the easy method
Ajmal - karachi 5/14/2018 11:37:06 AM
Now with the help of this recipe I can easily make the home made cake without oven who is looking so delicious in this photo
azra - lahore 5/3/2018 7:13:46 AM
Really this is the best recipe for me that I easily make that at home without an oven and thanks to kfoods.
najma zaydi - KARACHI 3/22/2018 2:09:52 AM
Make the best Homemade cake without Oven with the help of this recipe which makes your day better and make the Cake with the ultimate taste
Wajida - Karachi 2/26/2018 10:34:15 AM
I used to feel that it is exceptionally intense occupation to make cake recipe yet in the wake of attempting this formula, I have totally modified my suppositions about cooking it.
Saima - Okara 2/18/2018 5:47:26 AM
Mine family extremely get a kick out of the chance to eat this Homemade cake and I can make that generally at home for him yet now I am believing that whenever I will make that by the accompanying this strategy.
Daima - Sahiwal 1/31/2018 5:03:20 AM

Homemade Cake Recipes Without Oven

Homemade cake recipe without oven is a unique category that targets those enthusiasts who love to bake but do not have the facility of oven. Now you can prepare delicious cakes at home using one of ours simple and amazing homemade cake recipe without oven. Ingredients required to prepare it are easily accessible in your kitchen. All you be needing is plain flour, sugar, egg, butter, baking soda, baking powder, milk, and vanilla essence. Homemade simple cake recipe without oven require pressure cooker to cook instead of oven. This unique recipe is easy to follow and turns out to be great. You can also turn this cake into chocolate, pineapple, vanilla, strawberry with simple topping and putting cream or chocolate on top. Follow the recipe carefully for better results. Do try our homemade simple cake recipe for your birthday parties and enjoy!