Karela Pickle

Submited by ~Rahil~ from karachi


2 medium bitter gourds, unskinned, sliced into thin rounds
1 tbsp. ginger peeled, julienned
8-10 flakes garlic, peeled
10 green chillies, chopped
1/2 cup lemon juice or white vinegar
1 tbsp. salt
1 tbsp. grated jaggery
1 tbsp. oil
Mix together:
2 tsp. red chilli powder
1/4 tsp. turmeric powder
1/4 tsp. asafoetida powder
1/2 tsp.(total) mixed crushed fenugreek seeds, aniseeds,
/var/www/hin seeds, mustard seeds
salt if required later


1-Mix gourd slices, ginger, garlic, chillies, lemon juice and salt.
2-Put in a sterile airtight jar, with nonmetallic lid.
3-Shake well, keep aside. Shake twice a day for 2-3 days.
4-Drain out all water in a dry colander.
5-Spread out the veggies over a clean kitchen cloth to air out for 2-3 hours. Take veggies in a large bowl.
6-Sprinkle masala mixture, jaggery, mix well. Heat oil till smoky, in a small pan.
7-Add a pinch or two of asafoetida, keep aside till almost cooled. Add to the mixture, stir and mix well.
8-Bottle again in a sterile bottle, and allow to mellow for 2-3 days before using.

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Reviews on Karela Pickle

Oh wow! Kareela achar is not a normal recipe, it is easy to make but difficult to preserve for a long time but i will try.
safwa - khi 6/15/2015 6:50:29 AM
Karela Pickle is a great you wont believe I thought the taste of Kaela that is a bit sour would be no sour and you wont feel bad. A must try pickle.
Heer - Karachi 6/9/2015 7:07:26 AM

Karela Pickle

Try this delicious pickle recipe made with bitter gourds, spices, and lemon to give you the ultimate bitter and sour taste. Karela Pickle recipe is available on this page and can be prepared with ease. Follow the recipe as it is to get the best results. You can serve Karela Pickle with main course meal or with Paratha / Roti.