Kata Kat Recipe in Urdu

Submited by ~Sani~ from Karachi

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Reviews on Kata Kat Recipe in Urdu

The sound of Kata Kat always seems great and my small niece start dancing on the sound of Kata Kat whenever he listens to it.
Erum - Lahore 9/23/2015 2:42:27 AM
Is it necessary to include lungs for the preparation of kata kat, because I noted that the lungs are very difficult to decompose that’s why some peoples feel trouble to chew it.
adeeba - khi 9/22/2015 11:19:10 PM
I just eat kata kat in the dhaba restaurant where they make such a spicy with full of chillies, I am not sure that I will make like this but I will definitely try according to this recipe of katakat.
alvina - khi 8/29/2015 3:09:56 AM
Wow! This is the recipe of kat a kat which I want to try because usually I make it just to serve it my family but according to this recipe the gravy is not much, only the kidney, lever, heart and the lungs make it tasty.
farhana - khi 7/31/2015 1:24:07 PM
Kata kat is the more affordable dish which is also my favorite due to the spicy taste. I make in the winter twice in a week.
zoya - khi 6/18/2015 6:01:40 AM
In the restaurant chefs use large quantity of masala which is not good for the digest that is why i will prepare with this recipe.
irum - khi 3/18/2015 3:37:57 AM
This is a very delicious recipe by sani from karachi, i made last time with the help of this recipe and serve with chapati.
jameela - khi 2/22/2015 6:06:25 AM
Wow. In this winter season i eat two times kat a kat but never make it home, i get therecipe of it and will try to make later on, it is a very tasty dish.
sameena - khi 1/6/2015 11:40:50 AM
The kat a kat in lahore is so lovely, last week i got visit in lahore due to my office work here i taste many dishes in the famous food street but i only like kata kat.
amina - khi 11/20/2014 7:24:32 AM
This is a most popular dish in a cold weather, many of the restaurants also use some more parts of the body of cow for making kata kat.
tabassum - khi 9/19/2014 3:56:54 PM

Kata Kat Recipe in Urdu

A treat for meat lovers, Kata Kat recipe in Urdu is posted on this page. You can prepare Kata Kat at home without any hurdle. Made with Desi spices and ingredients, this Kata Kat recipe is divine. Prepare it for Dawat or dinner parties to get maximum praises. Give us your valuable feedback about it.