Kheema Pullao Recipe

Try out this remarkable Kheema Pullao online posted for your assistance. This recipe is delicious to the core and can be an ultimate treat for the foodies and can make you earn maximum praises.

Submited by Arbish Mughal from Karachi


2 cups rice
1 cup milk
500 grams mincemeat or kheema
25 grams each of almonds and pistachios (blanched, fried and chopped)
1/2 cup ghee
2 piece cinnamon stick
25 grams cashewnuts (fried and chopped)
2 cloves
I bay leaf
25 grams raisins and charoli
2 large cardamoms (fried)
1 tblsp garam masala
1/2 tsp saffron strands
1 tblsp each of coriander
silver or gold foil
powder and ground shahjeera
2 hard-boiled eggs (sliced 1/2 cup curd thin)
1 piece ginger (minced)
a handful of fresh rose petals
salt to taste


Heat the ghee and add the spices (both whole as well as round). Then add the kheema, curd, ginger and salt and cook over a low fire till the meat turns a rich brown. Now add Ole rice, mix well, then add the milk along with the water to stand an inch above the level of the rice. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook till the rice is almost tender and dry. Now mix in the nuts, raisins and charoli and continue cooking till the rice is completely done. Remove from fire and arrange in a serving dish. Dissolve the saffron in I tblsp of hot milk and sprinkle all over the top. Garnish with foil, sliced eggs and rose petals, Serve hot.

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Reviews on Kheema Pullao Recipe

I am totally nil in cooking. I am all the time dependent on new recipes that I search online. I am so glad to figure out this Kheema Pullao recipe. I always want to make it but did not know how to. Now I certainly can! Thanks a ton for sharing.
Bab - Quetta 8/31/2016 12:58:57 AM