Kichra Haleem Recipe

kichra haleem – Treat your guests with kichra haleem recipe posted online from this page. You can make this recipe for lunch or dinner parties as a full course meal. You can get the accurate recipe online from this dedicated page.

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Beef cubes half kilo.
yogurt 0ne cup phentta hoowa ho
Oil one cup
gehoon one cup
dal Masoor 1\2 cup
dal channa 1\2 cup
dal Moong half cup
rIce half cup over night dhoker soak karen taake achee terha gul jae.
haldi 1tsp
lal mirchi 0ne tsp
Salt one tsp
Garam masala one tsp
onion slIce one cup
sonf one tsp
katti howee Ginger bareek
dhania bareek katta hoowa
mint katta hoowa
Lemon cubes katta hoowa for decorate.


Sub se pehle big patila mein oil khoob garam karen or onion fry karen phir gosht dalen yougert dal ker tamam masale salt chilli powder haldi garam masala dal den sonf grind ki howee one tsp bhi dalen ginger garlic paste one tsp khoob bhoone phir water 8 glass dalen jub boil hoto tamam gihoon daalen dalden or phir dheeme flame per pakne den baar baar sppon se hilate jaen taake jul na jae 5 hours tak pakaen ghotte jaen bilkul gul jae werna thora thora grinder mein bhi pees sekte hein or thoree onion fry kerke rakhen jub dish mein nikalen to ooper se fry onion or dhanya mint katta hoowa dalen green pepper bhi bareek katti hoowee dalen lemon juice bhi dalen laziz khitra tyyar hay.its like a haleem.

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Reviews on Kichra Haleem Recipe

ALHAMDULILAH! My dining table is always decorated with delicious food! Thanks to this website that allowed me to learn and try new recipes every time. Healthy and tasty kichra haleem recipe is one of my favorites!
Aiza - Karachi 1/28/2017 1:18:07 AM
I like the recipe keep it up...and even i love the word BIG PATILA :D
Aliumair Khawaja - Melbourne 3/3/2011 5:55:30 PM
its a very tasty thankyou.
moona - karachi 3/2/2011 4:02:48 PM