Russian Salad Recipe

Submited by Aliumair from Karachi
As Desired PERSON


1cup peas
smoked chicken 150grm
2tb spoons lemon juice
4tb spoon mayonnaise
salt and pepper
few pieces of pine apple
full cream yogurt400grms


Boil potatoes,peas and carrots separately untill they become tender.cut apple carrot and potato into small cubes along the pine apple pieces and pour the lemon juice over it.gently mix these vegetables and fruits and add small cubes of smoked chiken.then add all the mixture in a bowl of yogurt and stir well.serve cold.

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Reviews on Russian Salad Recipe

The Russian salad I made by following this recipe of yours was literally so great. I always find something amazing here on your website. Share more amazing things like this one.
Talat - Gujranwala 5/22/2017 12:46:19 PM
Every one like to eat Russian food and when it comes on Salad so it will be tastier thing ever on the food sheet simplest way of making It is available there
Areebah - Karachi 5/13/2017 2:28:26 PM
I know the many recipes to make many type of salad but I don’t know how to make this Russian salad recipe which I have seen that here that I must try to make it
alishba - Islamabad 4/25/2017 11:29:04 AM
I made Russian salad by the following this site of Hamariweb that made with the best taste which everyone eat that very eagerly
hiba - karachi 4/20/2017 2:57:18 PM
Yesterday I made this Russian salad at home with the seekh kabab because mine family really like to eat the seekh kabab with the Russian salad who is the best combination
sumera - gujrat 4/15/2017 1:43:58 PM
I know very well to make many type of salad and now I have a new one recipe of Russian salad who I shall make that to mine wife
warda - lahore 1/26/2017 11:18:21 AM
The whole way of making russian salad is vey easy and take just a few minutes but I want to know how can I smoke the chicken, here is mention that we can use only smoked chicken in Russian Salad, I don’t know this step.
naima - khi 11/2/2016 6:01:23 AM
Many ways to making and decorate the Salad but I prefer this to every friend of mine the Russian Salas because it has more that you deserve
Rehana - Karachi 10/15/2016 6:19:08 PM
I know the many types of salad usually I made it for mine little brother with the help of this page because he really like the new dishes specially who make vegetables
zubeda - karachi 10/11/2016 9:17:20 AM
I know very well to making any type of salad and I make usually many type of salad because mine brother rally like the mane kinds of salads
aarzoo - lahore 10/9/2016 8:09:39 AM

Russian Salad Recipe

Russian salad recipe is regarded as Olivier Salad in Russian cuisine. This salad is made by adding potatoes, peas, apples, smoked chicken, olives, mushrooms, mayonnaise, yogurt and few pieces of pineapple. Russian Salad recipe is mainly served at dinners and lunches.