Vegetable Recipes in Urdu - Eating Vegetables and Pulses is a sign of healthy life style. Dietitians and health experts are of the opinion that sufficient intake of pulses and vege... ...Read more

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Latest Reviews & Discussions on Vegetables & Pulses
Karela Keema
Cooking is my hobby and I always prefer to cook good and delicious foods. So I tried this recipe just to try your taste. And I found that you have really a great taste in your recipe.
Rahabeal - Okara 5/22/2017 12:42:35 PM
کھٹے آلو
I was randomly searching the internet and accidently found this amazing recipe of khatay aloo. I cooked it and it was awesome and yummy in taste (Y).
Sundas - Jehlum 5/19/2017 9:58:15 AM
چنے کی دال گوشت
Thank you very much for making me able to cook chanay ki daal gosht. My husband liked it very much and now I am able to make it for him anytime.
Haleema - Sahiwal 5/15/2017 11:13:17 AM
لوکی گوشت
Lauki Ghost was not have good taste when I make it by my friends suggested recipe but now after seen this recipe I would like to try it because it looks tastier than my recipe before
Areej - Karachi 5/14/2017 6:08:37 AM
کھٹے آلو
I once tried this recipe when I was in Peshawar. My aunt made this recipe for me and I loved it to bits. Now I have the recipe to try this and I am surely going to try this recipe at least once.
Kabeer - Karachi 5/12/2017 10:06:16 AM
Crispy Karela Recipe...
I am satisfied with this chef of zubaida tariq who she make every dish as well by the easy method as like this crispy karela which is looking too much delicious
zareen - panjab 5/11/2017 12:07:18 PM
Karela Keema
I made it for my father and he was so happy to eat it as I made it so perfectly and errorless. He said that I am proud of my daughter.
Bisma - Jhelum 5/11/2017 11:10:27 AM
کھٹے آلو
I never have to find the any recipe from the any site because this site still gives me the best recipes with the easiest method that I make easily at home
samreen - panjab 5/10/2017 3:49:07 PM
Peri Peri Bites Reci...
There is a huge range of new recipes which I see on this site usually to make at home. This time I am collecting some special dessert recipes for refreshment in which currently I am noting the recipe of Peri Peri Bites.
midhat - khi 5/8/2017 3:26:50 PM
آلو چنے کی ترکاری
Aloo ki tarkari is the most common and most economical dish which looking good taste at this photo and it based much spices that we really like to eat it so that’s why I try to make it tomorrow with the boiled rice.
neelam - khi 5/7/2017 2:42:18 PM

Vegetable Recipes in Urdu - Eating Vegetables and Pulses is a sign of healthy life style. Dietitians and health experts are of the opinion that sufficient intake of pulses and vegetables keep you fit and healthy. They are enriched with vitamins and proteins. Cooking vegetables or lentils might sound boring to many but; there are various delicious Sabzi Recipes or Vegetable recipes and Pulses Recipes that are unique and prepared differently to give you taste and aroma that will last for long.

Sabzi Recipes in Urdu is browsed by ladies at home and Sabzi Recipes Pakistani includes Shaljam Masala, Crispy Karela, Bhagaray Baingan, Onion Kulcha is yummiest of all. Find easy Sabzi recipes and Pulses in Urdu and English on Vegetables and Pulses recipes are healthy meal and take less time to cook therefore you can search for all the Vegetables and Pulses recipes here. Read best collection of unique Sabzi recipes by Top Chefs Shireen Anwar and Chef Zakir. Each vegetable recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions Collection of Pakistani recipes for vegetables and pulses recipes.