Vegetable Recipes in Urdu - Eating Vegetables and Pulses is a sign of healthy life style. Dietitians and health experts are of the opinion that sufficient intake of pulses and vege... ...Read more

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کابلی چنے کا سالن
Kabli Chanay ka Salan recipe is available here online for those who are looking for nice options to cook for lunch or dinner for family. All the ingredients needed are available in your kitchen. You dont have to struggle for long.
Rida - Karachi 8/21/2017 7:18:15 AM
Crispy Karela Recipe...
This crispy karela recipe is for all those who hates the taste of Karela. Zubaida Tariq has given this unique and delicious recipe that no can resist. It is surprisingly delicious and tempting. Check out the recipe and try it today at home.
Raheela - Karachi 8/21/2017 6:47:54 AM
Tinday Gosht Recipe
Tinday Gosht is something not everyone likes to eat. In order to give new taste to this dish I made it at home following this recipe. Guess what, it actually turns out to be tasty and different. Do try this recipe at home guys. You wont be disappointed.
Uzma - Rawalpindi 8/21/2017 6:12:02 AM
کابلی چنے کا سالن
I belongs to desi family where making desi is consider best and if desi food is cook well then you get your place in fav person and believe me your recipe is brilliant.
Farukh - Al kharj 8/20/2017 3:38:40 PM
Crispy Karela Recipe...
What a super doper recipe it is to make crispy karela recipe by your own self and surprise all others siblings. Well, I better try this recipe to amaze them all.
Zarnab - Wazirabad 8/20/2017 3:34:39 PM
Tinday Gosht Recipe
Your step by step guide is so helpful for a person like me who is really uncaring of cooking. It really makes it easier for me to make all the things quickly like this one as I never know the way to make tinday gosht before.
Jahangir - Den Haag 8/20/2017 3:30:16 PM
Tinday Gosht Recipe
I am in love with this recipe. This is so tasty and easy that anyone can easily by watching this recipe. The taste of meat in it is simply superb in these tinday gosht.
Qaleel - Al kharj 8/16/2017 1:18:41 PM
کھٹے آلو
For the online recipes I use to prefer this website because this website has the best options for finding the suitable recipes what you like
Rameen - Lahore 6/14/2017 3:10:01 PM
Vegetable Nuggets Re...
You can easily get the complete recipe of the Vegetable nuggets from this website which is so easy for us and help us to make this quickly
Anam - Lahore 6/14/2017 2:27:06 PM
کھٹے آلو
This khatty aloo is an amazing dish which shed me when I made it yesterday which has the brilliant taste with full of spiciness
rameez - panjab 6/10/2017 1:44:27 PM

Vegetable Recipes in Urdu - Eating Vegetables and Pulses is a sign of healthy life style. Dietitians and health experts are of the opinion that sufficient intake of pulses and vegetables keep you fit and healthy. They are enriched with vitamins and proteins. Cooking vegetables or lentils might sound boring to many but; there are various delicious Sabzi Recipes or Vegetable recipes and Pulses Recipes that are unique and prepared differently to give you taste and aroma that will last for long.

Sabzi Recipes in Urdu is browsed by ladies at home and Sabzi Recipes Pakistani includes Shaljam Masala, Crispy Karela, Bhagaray Baingan, Onion Kulcha is yummiest of all. Find easy Sabzi recipes and Pulses in Urdu and English on Vegetables and Pulses recipes are healthy meal and take less time to cook therefore you can search for all the Vegetables and Pulses recipes here. Read best collection of unique Sabzi recipes by Top Chefs Shireen Anwar and Chef Zakir. Each vegetable recipe has an ingredient listing, preparation instructions Collection of Pakistani recipes for vegetables and pulses recipes.