Watermelon Juice

Submited by ~Sani~ from Karachi


2 cups cubes and de-seeded chilled watermelon
1/2 cup chilled water
1 1/2 tbsp suger (adjust according to the sweetness of watermelon)
1-2 tbsp lemon juice
mint leaves for garnish(optional)


Blend the above ingredients for 8-10 seconds.
If you want a smooth drink, strain.
Garnish with mint mint leaves and serve chilled.


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Reviews on Watermelon Juice

i have hared that Watermelon Juice is best for the summer special for the summer in Pakistan which has gone to the extreme levels, everybody should have this Watermelon Juice regularly.
obaid - islamabad 5/15/2018 2:10:04 AM
This is looking so nice of watermelon juice that mention here with the whole recipe that we make that by the following this recipe easily
rimsha - Panjab 5/13/2018 3:16:42 AM
Seriously there is something like watermelon juice. I have not heard about it ever before and right now it seems so awkward to think about watermelon’s juice. Ew.
Maheen - Attock 5/2/2018 1:58:28 PM
This website has the best recipes for making your Ramadan delicious so this will be best for you and I hope that you enjoying this page
Anam - Karachi 6/14/2017 2:56:47 PM
This watermelon juice is very easily to make it at home and now we have the recipe to make it very well which I must try this unique drink
nayla - karachi 6/11/2017 2:07:39 PM
From this online site I easily get the any new drink recipe which I make that at home with the delicious taste and unique methods
fayqa - islamabad 6/6/2017 12:17:16 PM
Take the available recipes of Juices in this website and make the new juice recipe at your home every day for giving your family a new taste of juice
Tania - Karachi 5/30/2017 4:59:23 PM
ummm… I don’t know what to write here but I must say that you have given a miracle to my hands by providing this recipe. I am very much grateful to you for this amazing recipe of watermelon juice.
ZOYA - khi 5/30/2017 6:26:20 AM
This site mentioned me every recipe step by step which I easily understand that to make at home easily and now I will make this juice of watermelon who has also the easiest recipe to make it
taneesha - islamabad 5/23/2017 2:28:21 PM
First time I am seeing this watermelon juice which is looking sweet and unique that I must try to make it at home to mine family in this hot season
nayma - karachi 5/17/2017 3:48:12 PM

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice – Watermelon juice is a perfect summer drink to beat the scorching summers. Drinking fresh watermelon juice can be highly beneficial for your health. Watermelon juice has weight loss benefits, helps in better blood circulation, and is quiet helpful in heart, skin and cancer prevention. For preparation it requires chilled watermelon cubes, lemon juice, sugar, chilled water, and mint leaves for garnish. Blending all ingredients will give you a perfect watermelon juice that you can enjoy anytime. Mouth watering Watermelon Juice recipe is easy to prepare and takes only seconds. You can serve it to your guests, children, or family during afternoons or evenings.