Yakhni pulao

Yakhni Pulao is a meat based rich dish that has its origin in the Punjab. It is cooked with mutton, beef, or chicken meat and merged with rice. Ingredients like onions, green chili, yogurt, ginger, garlic, cardamom, black cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, fennel seeds, white cumin etc to give your dish a perfect taste. These ingredients enhance the taste and aroma of Yakhni Pulao. You need to follow the method listed on the page properly to prepare the recipe accurately. This recipe is loved by Punjabi families. You can prepare it at home for dinner functions or even just to please your family.

(by Saara from Karachi)

• گوشت ایک کلو
• گھی آدھا کلو
• الائچی دو تولہ
• پیاز ایک پاؤ
• نمک حسب ذائقہ
• چاول ایک کلو
• لونگ دو تولہ
• دہی ایک پاؤ
• ادرک تین تولہ

گوشت، گھی، پیاز، ادرک اور نمک کی یخنی تیار کیجئے اور گوشت کی بوٹیاں نکال کر یخنی کو چھنی میں چھان لیجئے۔ پھر ان میں بوٹیاں ڈال کر اسے گھی سے لونگ کا بگھار دیجئے۔ اب گوشت کی بوٹیوں کو ایک بار پھر شوربے میں سے نکال لیجئے۔ اور انہیں تھوڑے گھی میں ڈال کر پتیلی کو چولہے پر چڑھا ئیے اور اس میں دہی اور دو چمچہ شوربہ ڈالیے۔ اس مرحلے پر ثابت مصالحہ بھی ڈال دیجئے اور شوربہ خشک کیجئے۔ اب چاول ابالئیے۔ پھر انہیں شوربے میں گلائیے اور بوٹیوں پر ان کی تہہ جما دیجئے۔ آدھے گھنٹہ تک دیگچہ کو دم پر رکھئے۔ پھر باقی گھی اوپر ڈال کر اتار لیجئے۔


Reviews on Yakhni pulao

This recipe shared here for yakhni pulao was so good in taste. I made it for my husband as he likes to eat pulao a lot. He said that my wife always bring innovation and novelty to the things I like.
Urwa - Gujrat 5/22/2017 12:49:58 PM
Yesterday I was made the pulao but I forgot the some steps of pulao on this page the pulao recipe looking very delicious so tomorrow I will follow this chef recipe
Tehreem - Lahore 9/18/2016 4:31:26 PM
this one is so tasty, i assure you it is so tasty, beside this it is healthy and full of energy. our family is a yakhni plao lover haha
dua - attock 9/2/2016 1:44:32 PM
My family is a true eager of rice an today i decided to make Yakhni Pulao with the new style and for this purpose i am using this beautiful recipe of Yakhni Pulao
Parveen - islamabad 8/10/2016 6:00:11 AM
The method of Yakhni Pulao is very difficult to prepare that is why I just made it one time but no one in my home like the taste of it because it is not much spicy which I expect as well it is difficult to Eat.
Yasmeen - karachi 8/10/2016 3:33:29 AM
Yakhni pulao is tasty but so expensive dish which I like, due to the lovely taste of this dish I make many times. I especially like the lovely smell when it cooked perfectly.
ghazal - multan 8/10/2016 2:15:17 AM
All the things in the yakhni pulao is totally depend on the frying of the meat in the ginger paste because it helps to remove the smell of meat.
Owais - karachi 8/2/2016 2:11:55 AM
Yakhni Pulao is a flavorsome dish of rice and meat. It is not difficult to make just a correct recipe is required. The recipe has an authentic taste that your family and guest will love.
Humaira - hyderabad 8/1/2016 4:56:45 AM
I used may be half Kg quantity of yogurt for making Yakhni pulao that is why I got succeed to made it tasty. My husband also like the taste of it and he insist to make it again.
tehreem - khi 7/29/2016 9:55:52 AM
I would like to recommend this recipe of Yakhni Pulao to my friend and sister. Please do try this yummy recipe at home and you will never be disappointed. I am sure that you will love this recipe. Do give your feedback as well.
Yaseen - Karachi 7/27/2016 3:57:52 PM

Yakhni pulao Recipe

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