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The US President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and the transfer of US In order to please Ariel, Israel acknowledged Israel's capital and announced its transferring to diplomatic activities, because it has deteriorated the peace and security of the whole world in the world, and it has exposed the real face of America. Al-Islam is periodically visible against the United States but in the future to see whether they stand up against the United States or are willing to keep the policy of self-interest in their interests. US Vice President Mike Pose visits President Mike Pens deferred his visit to the Middle East due to the fear of protest. According to media, Palestinian authorities refused to meet the American Vice President Dmitry Pension after the decision of the United Kingdom's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem. Egypt's occupation church and Jammu al-Azhar heads have refused to meet the US Vice President. Analysts say that Mike Pens has postponed his visit to the United States against the United States over the world and abroad. When the Vice President was asked whether to cancel the visit, Bethlehem Israel has a strong reaction to accepting the capital of Israel, he said he would travel to the Middle East along with Israel next month, and will confirm President Trump's decision. Keeping in mind that Beth-Qaida America is severely criticized by the Muslim countries, including the decision on the ruling. A few days ago, the Taliban rebel fighters attacked the former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and after his death, the rebel rebels are now killing their own colleagues who try to surrender to the Yemeni government. Are doing Haiti Shi'ite rebels killed at least 30 of their fighters, killing at Yemeni district of Yemen near the Saudi Arabia border, killing them. According to media, the fighters attempted to surrender themselves to the Arab unity in the leadership of the Yemeni army and Saudi Arabia, and in the past they were killed by light bullets or targeting rocket grenades. Masholin allegedly refused to fight against the Yemeni army. Harmony militia is now trying to block the front of the Medi. On this front, heavy casualties of the Yemeni army have suffered heavy casualties and many of them have been killed, while the Yemeni army and the Arab Alliance continued to step down to restore the occupied territories of Hathe militia. Is. The attack on the Haiti rebels in their colleagues indicates that there is a difference between them now, because thousands of people are suffering from hunger and Yemen's war continues further. The consequences of this could be tragic. Meeting with the CIA's head, Mike Pompev, Director of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), met with Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz, in the Alamah Palace of Saudi capital Riyadh. According to media, the two leaders discussed bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States and the latest developments in the region. On this occasion, Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Khalid Bin Salman, Saudi Foreign Minister Adil Al-Jazeera, Minister of State and Chief of the Royal Dewan Khalid Bin Abdul Rahman Alisi and Khalid Bin Ali Al-Hameed, head of Saudi intelligence agency, were also present in this process. AISA's meeting came in a process, while Al-Islam had recently left the US President Donald. A severe protest against the Trump's decision in which he made the Arrow Recognizing the Millions of Israel's capital, the US embassy here announced to move from Tel Aviv. Now, after meeting with the HIA CIA, the Saudi royal government will arrive at its decision or it will be relaxed. The Prince of Saudi Arabia worth $ 30 million worth the welfare of Prince Mohammed Mohammad Salman, who runs against the Saudi prince Prince Salman corruption. Buyers are being told. According to media, the American newspaper New York Times said in a report that "Saudi Arabia" is a link to unusual precious purchases of the powerful Valiant Prince Mohammed Bin Salman who campaign against corruption in Saudi Arabia. The world's most expensive The cast is being declared. The 57 acres of this acropolis includes semina houses, deluxe swimming pools, fountains, tunnels and underwater rooms, which can enjoy floating colorful fishes in the glass with glass ceiling. See now, buyer of such precious palace Prince Mohammad Salman What kind of response does it reveal, and what they are opposed to. If Prince Mohammad Salman is the owner of this castle, then the question arises that the question is that he has earned such a valuable property.

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