Corruption causes and its cure in Pakistan

(Danish mohammad, Karachi)

Corruption or exploitation is not just the name of bribery or fraud. Not fulfilling the promise, and not following the protocols of any financial management concerns is also a corruption. Using someone’s identity for individual benefit is also include in corruption.Corruption has turned out to be one of primary reason, why our country is not progressing today. Pakistani society has been converted into the corruption. Since Pakistan is a feudalist nation, its ruling feudalist class had been reliably a major obstacle in giving establishments a chance to act against the corruption and bring the responsibility of everybody and upgrade the lawfulness in the nation.Today, the both leaders and common masses have similarly grown toward becoming casualties of the rush of corruption. Society in general has been confused and chaotic in framing and executing any viable policy to wipe out corruption from its present situation.

In Pakistan the main reason of corruption can be distinguished effectively. In spite of the fact that, the identification of causes is simple but their abolition is a tough case. To do so, a man needs to have the energy of Hercules, freedom fighter’s heart, mind of Iqbal and Jinnah's leadership. The major reason of corruption in Pakistan is the failure of ruling bodies in giving equity to individuals.Aside from lack of law endorsement, the major reasons of corruption are uncertain political condition, lack of accountability and awareness, poverty, un-employment, unequal status of common masses and lack of morality in society. To cut the roots of corruption from Pakistan’s soil, devotion of authority and common people is required.Rationalactions must be carried with this trust that the future would be uncorrupted. To end corruption, power must be assigned to overall population and it should not simply remain in the hands of a few feudal lords.Another way of putting a stop to this issue is implementing Islamic laws based on democratic. Internal political environment must be stable and the politics should not remain in the hands of a few powerful individuals.

Human rights and human welfare is the most key cut of any nation. It is the duty of leader to encourage citizens. Whereas poverty is that element which should be totally eliminated from the society there should not be any discrimination between elite class and lower class equal rights and powers should be provided to them.Along with this job opportunities should have variety and flexibility of employment and should be provided to every citizen.And most importantly the corruption factor should totally vanish from the society. We have to get united against it and stand together to stop it. If we took stand against corruption then days are not far when corruption will be wiped out from Pakistan. In any case, on the off chance if we won’t take any step then no one can help us and eventually we will be eaten by the feudalist society.


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